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War & Peace

Write or call representatives and senators today!!! No more bombing on Lebanon and Gaza!

earthworm | Go to and look up your representative by district. Or use the map of NYC congressional districts. Call or write your senators and representatives today telling them you demand an immediate push for an Israeli ceasefire. more...  0 Comments

Keeping the American Street in Line: Why Howard Dean Denounced Our Puppet in Iraq

Stanley W. Rogouski | The Democrats weren’t interested in denouncing anti-Semitism but in keeping the American people in line. Maliki’s sin was not in being an anti-Semite (which he may or may not be) but to break the framing that “moderate” Arab politicians are supposed to stay inside. more...  0 Comments

Moms Search for Dead Children

AFP | Rescue workers using only their bare hands searched through piles of debris - all the Israeli raids left behind of the buildings - while distraught women joined in to retrieve the bodies and take them away. more...  0 Comments


Islamic Community Net | CAIR said the charge of state terrorism was based on statements by Israeli officials that they intend to make the civilian population of Lebanon suffer in order to put pressure on Hezbollah. Israel's chief of staff threatened to "turn back the clock in Lebanon by 20 years." Israeli Justice Minister Haim Ramon declared last week that, "Everyone in southern Lebanon is a terrorist and is connected to Hezbollah." Israel has in the past reserved the right to kill anyone it considers a "terrorist" or terrorist supporter. more...  0 Comments

Internationals in Beirut-Antiwar demonstration

groovy | Press release of the Inernational Civil Mission to Lebanon more...  0 Comments

Massacre in Qana

Electronic Intifada | Today, when Israeli war planes attacked Qana, at least 51 civilians, including at least 22 children, were killed. It is the deadliest single strike since Israel unleashed its war on Lebanon. Israel, the US and several European governments are in no rush to reach a ceasefire. Dozens of other villages in the region around the southern port city of Tyre were also bombarded for two hours overnight with fire from the Israeli navy, air force and artillery. Israeli planes also tore up the Masnaa border crossing into Syria, leading to the closure of the main Damascus-Beirut route. more...  0 Comments

Can You Say "Hail Mary" or The Crime of Lebanon and Palestine?

Stephen Lendman | "If this scenario is possible, why then would US, UK, Israeli, and other Western leaders who see what's going on, be willing to take the risk? Ahmed states what a growing number of knowledgeable observers now believe - that the Western, mainly US, so-called neoliberal imperial freewheeling "free-market" model is failing and may collapse short of a desperate "Hail Mary" military solution to try to save it even though the chance for success at best would be uncertain and in some views unlikely. And if it fails, the result may be an unimaginable social, political and economic calamity. " more...  0 Comments

Protesters March Across the Brooklyn Bridge

Ad Hoc Coalition 4 Justice in the Middle East | 1500 members of the New York community, horrified at the senseless killing of Palestinians and Lebanese by the Israeli military, marched across the Brooklyn Bridge into Manhattan today to demand an end to the violence. For Photos:

more...  4 Comments

PHOTOS: March Across Brooklyn Bridge to say "Stop Invasion of Lebanon"

onto | Some photos from the walk across the Brooklyn Bridge on Sat, July 29th, 2006.

Sponsored by the Ad-Hoc Coalition for Justice in the Middle East Endorsers: Act Now to Stop War and End Racism, International Solidarity Movement- NYC, International Socialist Organization, National Council of Arab-Americans, Network of Arab-American Professionals of NY-PC, NY Campaign for Boycott,Divestment, and Sanctions, Jews Against the Occupation NYC. more...  9 Comments

Atrocities mount as Israel intensifies bombardment of Lebanon

Mike Head | Openly backed and armed by the United States, Israel is carrying out mounting atrocities in Lebanon in an attempt to overcome unexpectedly fierce resistance from the Hezbollah movement. With its 17-day aerial bombardment having failed to wipe out Hezbollah, or weaken its support among the population, Israel has intensified its onslaught.
Internationally banned munitions designed to cause massive civilian casualties—including phosphorous, air-sucking bombs and cluster bombs—are being used to terrorise the Lebanese people, force a mass exodus of residents from south Lebanon and pulverise Hezbollah forces in preparation for a larger ground invasion.
In one of the latest war crimes, an Australian-organised convoy seeking to rescue 50 civilians from the village of Ramesh was fired upon by Israeli forces. Those wounded included a German TV cameraman and his driver, who were reporting from the rear of the convoy. more...  0 Comments

For the defeat of the Israeli offensive: No to UN or NATO intervention!

Juan Chingo | The US wants breathe life, at least provisionally, into an option that the Israeli army, frightened by the high costs and fatal consequences of the 1982 invasion of Lebanon, has not been willing to consider. This is why, at the same time as we redouble our efforts to defeat Israel's military offensive, we must make clear our complete opposition to the deployment of any military force, whether under the command of the UN or NATO, on Lebanese soil. more...  0 Comments

Building Bridges Radio: The Israel Lobby

Mimi Rosenberg and Ken Nash | WBAI's Building Bridges: Your Community and Labor Report presents this 28 minute radio program.

German Peace Movement Demands Israeli Withdrawal

Peter Strutynski | Both the occupation of the Gaza strip and the arrest of members of the Palestinian government are clear breaches of international law. more...  0 Comments

Peace is Earned -- Not Bestowed

cleaves | The people are once again faced with a very real opportunity to act and change the status quo. The USA has abandoned its traditional role of peacekeeper in the Middle East. Two clear prerogatives present themselves in the face of ongoing hostilities, a people’s movement or another nation filling the vacuum left by the U.S. (which has tragically become an involved party in the conflict). How many times must the opportunity for Peace go begging? more...  1 Comments

No One Is Illegal: What Next in the Struggle for Liberty and Justice

Tour of NATIVO LOPEZ | ********PLEASE FORWARD WIDLEY***************

No Human is Illegal:
Nativo Lopez to speak on Next Steps In The Struggle For Justice And Dignity For All

New York City, August 2 & 3 2006:

Nativo Lopez , President of the Mexican American Political Association and Executive Director of the Hermandad Mexicana Latino Americana.
Nativo López is a spokesperson for the Great American Boycott 2006—a national day of action for immigrant rights on May 1, 2006. Nativo was also one of the leading members of the March 25th coalition in Los angeles which called the first of the mega marches there. He Supports unconditional legalization for all undocumented immigrants and opposes militarization of the border. Nativo is a leading organizer of the massive immigrant rights demonstrations in LA, and a crucial voice in the burgeoning immigrant civil rights movement. We are at a critical juncture in an immigrant rights movement that has impelled millions to take the streets. Come hear Nativo and others speak about the future of a movement for justice and dignity for all.
SPONSORS: March 10th Movement, Mexican American Political Association, Hermandad Mexicano Latinoamericano, International Socialist Organization, San Romero Church, Fuerza de la Revolucion, CECOMEX, New Immigrant Community Empowerment, International Mexican Association, Coney Island Avenue Project, Carlito's Cafe/Art for Change...List in formation


August 2nd

Park Slope United Methodist Church
6th Ave. & 8th St. in Brooklyn
Take the F to 7th Ave & 9th St. or the R to 4th Ave. & 9th St.

Jackson Heights
Hosted by New Immigrant Community Empowerment
37-44 77th Street 2nd Floor

August 3rd

East Harlem
5:30 p.m.
Hosted by CECOMEX & Carlito's Cafe
1918 1st Ave. @ 99th Street

Washington Heights
Hosted By San Romero Church Featuring Reverend Luis Barrios
Centro Orlando Martinez Community Center
3868 10 Avenue (at 207th Street), 2nd floor

For more information e-mail  NATIVOTOUR@GMAIL.COM or call 917-806-2484

more...  0 Comments

Military Recruiters Make Big Summer Recruiting Push

Sierra Freeman | After missing its 2005 recruiting goal by 6,600 enlistees, the Army has met all of its monthly recruiting goals this year. With the school year winding down, the Army saw its monthly recruiting total jump from 5,806 in May to 8,756 in June. Locally, the New York City Recruiting Battallion (which also encompasses Long Island, Westchester County and six northern New Jersey counties) has enlisted 1,343 new soldiers into the Army as of July 7, according to spokesperson Emilie Gockley. In FY ‘05, the battalion signed up 1,733 recruits. For more, | more...  0 Comments

Stop the Israeli offensive against Palestine and Lebanon!

Trotskyist Faction for the Fourth Internation | However, the element that can significantly change the relationship of forces and lay waste to the greatest plans of the most powerful military organization, which is the Israeli army, is the fact that a further intensification of its offensive in Lebanon could spark the mobilization of the masses of the Middle East, who for weeks have watched the bombings, the imprisonment and the collective punishment to which the Palestinian masses in Gaza have been subjected, which has fed the hatred and the spirit of vengeance against the Zionist state. Also, although still in a very minor form, the Israeli attacks are beginning to awaken the pacifist movement in Israel, a problem which could grow if the costs of war continue to mount, not only on the arm (mostly formed by conscripted soldiers), but also on the civilian population, if the Israeli government can't rapidly put a halt to the missile attacks on its civilian population centers. more...  0 Comments

SATURDAY, July 29: Jews Against the Occupation Contingent for Brooklyn Bridge March

zhanara | This Saturday there is a major march against the Israeli invasion of
Lebanon and assault on Gaza. It will be the largest city-wide
demonstration of opposition to the continuing horrific news. Please
come out to show our outrage and our solidarity. more...  0 Comments

Women against the War, Tel Aviv

zainab | Women against the War, Tel Aviv
Salon: The "hiding among civilians" myth
BBC: Israel says world backs offensive
FT: Arab leaders warn of spread of anti-US feeling
NYT: Tide of Arab Opinion Turns to Support for Hezbollah
AP: Dean calls Iraqi PM an 'anti-Semite' more...  0 Comments

Shin Bet Vetoes Peace!

Daithí | …from the Institute for Policy Research & Development via Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed: more...  0 Comments

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