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War & Peace

The Nine-Elevening of Lebanon

Daithí | Suffice it to say, it’s an uncomfortable summer here in New York. My own neighborhood was among those without electricity for a greater part of last week.

However, the plight of the people of Gaza and Lebanon makes complaining awkward, difficult, and for me, even obscene. more...  0 Comments

Germany joins US, British, Israeli axis of aggression

Ulrich Rippert | Last Sunday, German government spokesman Ulrich William spoke on behalf of the chancellor, Angela Merkel (Christian Democratic Union—CDU), and expressed Merkel’s “great regret and deep sadness over the consequences of the Israeli air raid on Qana.”
Two days later, German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier (Social Democratic Party—SPD) began an interview in the Süddeutsche Zeitung with the words: “What took place on Sunday in Qana was appalling. The large number of civilian victims of the Israeli air raid is terrible and unacceptable.”
However, while the German population as a whole was genuinely appalled by clips of the charred and mutilated corpses of children in Qana, the German government, a grand coalition of the CDU, Christian Social Union (CSU) and SPD, has refused to recognise and condemn this act for what it is—a despicable war crime. Steinmeier’s warning to the Israeli government—that within the context of the “right to self-defence” any application of military force had to be appropriate and civilian victims avoided—was a cynical and cowardly evasion. more...  3 Comments

Images: Response to Lebanon

fred askew | NYC responds to the crisis in Lebanon more...  2 Comments

The Bankruptcy of the Hawks

Thomas Pany | The pictures of victims among the civilian Lebanese population and the heroic fighting Mudschahedin play into the hands of the Jihad-rhetoric of Al-Qaida.. The war against terror can only be won whern the ideas of Al-Qaida are discredited and a global norm against terror is created. more...  0 Comments

A Message to Impeachment Supporters from Ramsey Clark

reposted | Bush Making More Enemies in the Middle East more...  0 Comments

Environmental Devastation in Lebanon

Bassem Mroue - Associated Press | BEIRUT, Lebanon - Endangered turtles die shortly after hatching from their eggs. Fish float dead off the coast. Flaming oil sends waves of black smoke toward the city.
more...  0 Comments

Israel's True Goal

Uri Avnery | Less than three months after its formation, the Olmert-Peretz government succeeded in hurling Israel into a two front war whose goals are unrealistic and whose results are unforeseeable.. When weapons speak, the muses fall silent. When the cannons roar, the brain stops functioning. more...  0 Comments

Victims and Perpetrators of Oil Imperialism

Myron (Mike) Stagman, PhD | Victims can change. But the Perpetrators have remained the same for a century. Something MUST be done about this evil, immensely powerful U.S.-UK international Oil Cartel---for the sake of peace, social&political justice, and to deal with doomsday Global Warming. We MUST have Grassroots Public Information Campaigning to overcome the Corporation-Government-corporate Mass Media axis. more...  0 Comments

cracker diplomacy

t. rhamis kent | i'm not much of a poet, but the latest world events kinda pushed me over the edge, so to speak. so i wrote a piece after thinking about things for a minute and was inspired after i heard the term "cowboy diplomacy" coined by the American press. after i turned this over in my head, the term "cracker diplomacy" seemed to be more appropriate... more...  0 Comments

¡Palestina, el Líbano: sionismo asesino, imperialismos y Estados árabes cómplices!

PCInt. | Los recientes ataques israelíes contra el Líbano han recibido, según la expresión de la prensa internacional, la “luz verde” de los Estados Unidos y el “acuerdo tácito” de los otros grandes Estados imperialistas, comenzando por Francia (¡pese a sus declaraciones de “amistad” con el Líbano!). more...  0 Comments

Palestine, Lebanon: Zionism-Assassin, Imperialism- Accomplice!

PCInt. | The Israeli attack in progress in Lebanon received, according to the expression even of the international press, the "green light" of the United States and the "tacit agreement" of the other great imperialists States, beginning with France (in spite of the declarations of "amity" with Lebanon!). more...  0 Comments

Why Lebanon? Think OIL, water, pipelines, and profits.

4peace | Why a war on Lebanon? Why now? A new article by Professor Michel Chossudovsky suggests it's about oil, water and pipeline routes, and offers insight into the war's impending expansion. The U.S. and Israel aren't the only nations with interests in this game. Other players appear to include the U.K., France, and Italy.
more...  0 Comments

"The Prophetic Scapegoating of Israel"

Daithí | ...from Gary North: more...  0 Comments

Thousands to Take Action if Concrete Plan to End US Occupation in Iraq Not Established by September 21

Cynthia Dopke | The Declaration of Peace is a nationwide campaign to establish by September 21, 2006 a concrete and rapid plan for peace in Iraq, including:
• A prompt timetable for withdrawal of US troops and closure of bases
• A post-occupation peace process for security, reconstruction, and reconciliation, and
• A shift of funding from war to meeting human needs.
more...  1 Comments

What if Iraq is the New Vietnam?

City Belt | City Belt is co-sponsoring an event put on by NJ for Democracy on Thursday night, Aug. 3, at 7 pm. The panel discussion is the first of the series across NJ looking at strategies for ending the war. It features US Rep. William J. Pascrell, Jr. (D-NJ), Vietnam veteran Kenneth Dalton, and professor of history Lloyd Gardner. It's at the UFCW Hall, 1389 Broad St., Clifton, NJ. For more, visit -- and to read a piece by Dalton, visit more...  0 Comments

The Fifth Anniversary of 9/11 – Time to Demand Answers

Mark Dunlea | This fall, we will observe the 5th anniversary of 3,000 people being killed on September 11, 2001 in the worst terrorist attack on American soil. We will hear speeches from our political leaders about how we need to be ever vigilant in protecting our democracy against the forces of evil that hate our way of life. The calls to remember those who died on 9/11 will be combined with pleas to support those who continue to die daily in Iraq and elsewhere in furtherance of our country’s war on terror. What we won’t hear from our elected officials is an honest assessment of whether the US has taken the right road in response to 9/11. Peace activists, starting with the War Resisters League and the Green Party on the day of 9/11, called for the attacks to be treated as a crime, not a declaration of war. Peace activists called for the US to use the sympathy generated by the attacks to seek a global common agenda focused more of raising up the standard of living and security for all, rather than pursuing an America-first agenda through Free Trade / WTO economic domination and use of military force. President Bush and Congress chose instead the “war on terror”. more...  2 Comments

Oil Robbery by Law: The Economic Invasion of Iraq

Joachim Guillard | The US does not rob Iraq of its oil. The emphasis is on sharing. "Production Sharing Agreements" (PSAs) are long-term agreements between oil corporations and oil states. more...  0 Comments

What way forward in the struggle against war?

Statement of the Socialist Equality Party | As the brutal US-Israeli war against the Lebanese people enters its fourth week, there is no sign that the massacre of innocent civilians is about to end. On the contrary, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), backed by air strikes and artillery fire, are pressing deeper into Lebanon, with the apparent aim of advancing 18 miles to the Litani River, either killing or driving out the entire population between it and the Israeli border.
Israeli ground forces have also entered the Bekaa Valley, near Lebanon’s border with Syria.
There is every reason to believe that the horrors of the past three weeks—the bombardments that have reduced much of south Lebanon and southern Beirut to rubble and crippled a large part of the country’s infrastructure, claiming some 700 lives, wounding thousands more and turning over three quarters of a million people into refugees—is only the prelude to an even greater slaughter. The war crime that claimed the lives of more than 60 people—most of them children—in the village of Qana is to be repeated throughout the region in the coming days and weeks. more...  0 Comments

No Hezbollah Rockets Fired from Qana

Dahr Jamail | Red Cross workers and residents of Qana, where Israeli bombing killed at least 60 civilians, have told IPS that no Hezbollah rockets were launched from the city before the Israeli air strike. more...  0 Comments

Smiting the Jebuzite

Pretty Boy Freud | An extremist Jewish religious group argues that "compassion" is a strictly Christian (i.e, "non-Jewish") quality and lives out the worst antisemitic cliches. more...  0 Comments

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