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War & Peace

Labor and the Middle East War

New York City Labor Against the War | For weeks, Israel has turned Lebanon into a killing ground, slaughtering and maiming thousands
of people, destroying the civilian infrastructure, and turning a quarter of the population into
refugees in their own land. At the same time, it continues to brutalize Palestinians in the West
Bank and Gaza. more...  0 Comments

Ricky Clousing Martin Luther King Quote

GDAEman | This brief piece includes the MLK quote and links to more information. more...  0 Comments

Israel Asks U.S. to Hasten Shipment of Rockets With Wide Blast

Israel is going down | According to the NY Times, Israel has asked the Bush administration to speed delivery of short-range antipersonnel rockets armed with cluster munitions, which it intends to use against targets in Lebanon. more...  0 Comments

Protesting Rice's Visit to the UN: Bring the Slaughter in Lebanon to a Halt

World Can't Wait | Today a group World Can't Wait activists and others gathered in front of the United Nations Headquarters in New York for an emergency protest of Condoleezza Rice's visit there. Rice's appearance was part of the process of authoring a UN resolution for a "ceasefire" in Israel's vicious war of aggression on Lebanon - a war made possible by, and enjoying the approval and direct military support of the Bush regime. more...  3 Comments

Be aware of the time. It is now 1984.

From Joe | "At a time such as this—in the midst of spectacular claims from London and Washington, a media barrage supporting them, and a massive disruption of commercial flights resulting from extreme security measures—it is all the more imperative that people not suspend their capacity for critical thought and political judgement."
more...  0 Comments

Protest Condi Rice TODAY at the UN: Noon until...

World Can't Wait | Emergency p rotest today: NOON - Dag Hammarskjold Plaza across the street from the United Nations (E. 47th St. & 1st Ave.)

Over 1,000 dead, 1 in 4 Lebanese displaced from their homes, and a whole country destroyed: these are war crimes. And the Bush regime has given its full support, encouragement, and weapons to Israel to carry out atrocities. The Bush regime's "war on terrorism" has meant nothing but torture, bombs, and devastation for the people of the Middle East. And we must take responsibility to STOP the injustices being committed by our government in our names.

TODAY: Condoleezza Rice will be at the UN working out a vote on a
resolution supposedly to end the conflict. From the beginning of Israel's attack on Lebanon, the Bush regime has worked to prevent any ceasefire or even the mildest of restraint on Israel, and has been whipping up further justification for attacking Iran. War criminal Condoleezza Rice has no right to determine any measures taken in the Middle East conflict and must be protested today.

The World Can't Wait - Drive Out the Bush Regime will be outside of the UN this afternoon and demanding these war crimes be brought to a halt. If you're in NYC and have a conscience, be there.
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Indymedia Photography from Lebanon

Andrew Stern | Link to more photos, updated regularly: more...  0 Comments

LOST TOWERS ...inside the World Trade Center cleanup

Gregory A. Butler | Union carpenter and author Gregory A. Butler tells the real story of Ground Zero - the heroism of the workers, the greed of the contractors and developer Larry Silverstein and the tragic huma toll on the cleanup workers, 58 workers dead, and 17,400 sick or injured more...  0 Comments

Camp Democracy begins September 5 in DC

Dan Shays | At long last, Americans are preparing to say "Enough is enough," and to do what Ukrainians, Mexicans, or any other people not drugged into acquiescence would do when things got this bad: occupy the capital city to demand peace, justice, environmental sanity, and accountability more...  0 Comments

August 19th, Non-Silent Vigil for Abeer Hamza

nycnion | In March of 2006, Abeer Hamza, a 14-year old Iraqi girl from the village of Mahmudiya, witnessed the deaths of her father, mother, and sister, and afterwards was brutally raped, murdered, and set on fire. Five US soldiers have been charged with the crime, one of which has already confessed guilt. The soldiers allegedly pre-planned the attack, changed into civilian clothing, and then entered the home of Abeer Hamza. more...  1 Comments

Iran:Leader of bus workers Mansoor Ossanlou released

worker Freedom | Mansoor Ossanlou, the jailed president of Tehran’s bus workers’ union (the Syndicate of Workers of Tehran and Suburbs United Bus Company), was released at 3.30 pm local time today, 9th August, after spending over seven and a half months in prison. He was warmly greeted by his family and colleagues more...  0 Comments

Clearing The Path For The U.S. Attack on Iran?

From Jamie | "Specialists on Iran and Hezbollah have long believed that the missiles Iran has supplied to Hezbollah were explicitly intended to deter an Israeli attack on Iran. Ephraim Kam, a specialist on Iran at Israel's Jaffe Center for Strategic Studies, wrote in December 2004 that Hezbollah's threat against northern Israel was a key element of Iran's deterrent to a US attack."

more...  0 Comments

Petition: International Criminal Tribunal for Israel

rigoroz | We, the undersigned, demand that The United Nations General Assembly immediately establish an International Criminal Tribunal for Israel (ICTI) as a ‘subsidiary organ’ under U.N. Charter Article 22 to prosecute the Israeli Prime Minister Olmert, Defense Minister Peretz, Chief of Staff Halutz and Israel’s other top generals and war criminals for their infliction of international war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide against the Peoples of Lebanon and Palestine. more...  0 Comments

Carl Davidson after all these years: Still right in form, still right in essence

Roy Rollin | A while back, in a similar such discussion, "the burningman" aptly described Carl Davidson's as one of "those…type(s)…who were once revolutionary and were defeated, but now spend their energy limiting the range of (what's) possible (by) permanently attaching the activist left to the Democratic Party." I couldn't have said it better myself.
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Fox Slimes Cindy Sheehan

Daithí | It’s either a slow news week at Fox News or a testimony to Cindy Sheehan’s effectiveness. more...  3 Comments

Power and Powerlessness

Werner Pirker | Many fear Israel's terror machine encouraged by the pathological, indictable George W. Bush. Might does not make right. Military logic is helpless in solving political conflicts. How sad that the US veto power paralyzes the UN and that the UN is instrumentalized to legitimate aggression! more...  0 Comments

Israeli war crimes aimed at “cleansing” south Lebanon

By Bill Van Auken | On Tuesday, Israeli warplanes struck the southern Lebanese town of Ghaziyeh, killing at least 14 people. Missiles demolished civilian homes just as some 1,500 mourners were participating in a procession to bury 15 of their relatives and neighbors slain just the day before. The explosions sent the crowd running in panic, dropping shrouded corpses in the street.
Ghaziyeh’s normal population of 23,000 has reportedly been swelled by a wave of refugees. It is a predominantly Shiite town near Sidon, a region where most of the population is composed of Sunni Muslims. Many people from further south had fled there to stay with relatives and friends. more...  1 Comments

Preferred enemy

Digery Cohen | Israel is afraid. more...  0 Comments

Save the Date! Make Your Voice Heard! A Call for Nonviolent Resistance!

Paul Frazier | Declaration of Peace Campaign Calls on Congress to End the Occupation of Iraq. more...  0 Comments

Providence: Protesters chase off 21st Century Klan ride

red Bergen |
The protesters, organized by the International Socialist Organzation, the Workers International League, Working Class Emancipation, and independent activists, clearly scored a minor victory by demoralizing the racists and discouraging them from returning. But as this writer emphasized in a speech at the protest, only the massive, independent action of the working class can decisively defeat the racist vigilante groups like the Klan, the Minutemen, and the Paul Revere riders and, most importantly, overthrow the capitalist state apparatus that stimulates and defends them. more...  0 Comments

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