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War & Peace

Letters From Lebanon: This Pain Has No Ceasefire

Barucha Calamity Peller | Five hours after the ceasefire between Israel and Hezbollah, in a village just north of the Litani River I walk over houses, houses that have become ruins of what once was. more...  1 Comments

Art of War : A Message for Christians

Larmee |

A message for Christians,
please forward
more...  0 Comments

Little Birds: A Devastating Window on the War

Gregory Elich | Powerful documentary on the Iraq war from the perspective of Iraqi citizens more...  0 Comments

The August 12 protests and their implications

Fred Bergen | Only the working class, mobilizing the power that is uniquely its own to stop war production and paralyze the war industries, and based on its material interest in the defeat of imperialism, can stop the war! But the strategy needed to stop the war -- massive political strikes aimed at bringing down the government of the imperialists -- requires a political break with the bourgeois forces. more...  1 Comments

Screening "The Toxic Clouds of 9/11: A Looming Health Disaster" Sun 20-Aug at CCNY

Resistance Cinema | Those of us who were living or working in and around the World Trade Center on 9/11 have a special reason to check out this important film and meet its producer and director, Alison Johnson, of Chemical Sensitivity Foundation. Also present will be affected New Yorkers for a post-screening discussion.
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Anti-Semitism for dummies

Susan Fields | Anti-Semitism for dummies more...  1 Comments

"protagonists of barbaric Asiatic methods of warfare," "foreign workers," "troops can steal food"

sraka | abstracts from Ha'aretz, Al Ahram Weekly, Irish Times, The Nation, etc. more...  0 Comments

Whether it's "lesser evil," "ABB" or "Taking Back Congress" liberal left losers peddle "Popular Front" failures

Roy Rollin | As "Tom," "burningman" and myself have all found out first hand, Carl Davidson is very skillful in misrepresenting the views of his opponents on the left. For he is an apt graduate of the Stalin schools of falsification and class collaborationism. Indeed, the two go hand in hand, for the former makes the latter all the easier to sell as the only possible path for radical activists today. At the same time he poses as a voice of moderation willing to learn from his own ultra-left mistakes of yesteryear and assist others in avoiding them by burying themselves in the politics of the possible, ie, in the Democratic Party. Thus he endlessly insinuates that those who do not share his infatuation with the Democrats instead advocate armed insurrection or some other such out of this world adventurism, as if those were the only choices available for the left today. By posing the later as what the far left advocates, he hopes to make the former seem reasonable and palatable even though expecting to take over the bosses' party or pressure it into cleaning up its act is as far fetched a pipe dream as is a handful of radicals taking over state power in the US today. more...  2 Comments

NYPD Proposes Changes to Parade Permit Regulation

Adrienne | For those of you that don't know what the NYPD is trying to do, here is a brief recap. The NYPD has proposed a change to the rule that interprets NYC's Parading law.
People's Forum August 17, St. Mark's Church at 7pm.
Rally outside of 1 Police Plaza August 23 at 6pm. more...  1 Comments

Sham UN Resolution Guarantees No End to Israel's War of Illegal Aggression

Stephen Lendman | UN Resolution 1701 guarantees no end to the conflict more...  0 Comments

Naval Security Document Lumps Journalists With Foreign Spies

Steve Peacock | A recently obtained Naval Operations Security Plan (OPSEC) expressly reveals the U.S. Navy’s contempt for journalists, whom it views in the same light as – and arguably a less favorable light than – foreign spies. The document was discovered while researching a federal contract to support psychological operations (PSYOPS) that the U.S. military conducts worldwide, a $100 million award secured by Virginia-based CACI International. more...  0 Comments

Tracing a Trail of Destruction: Report from Lebanon, August 13, 2006

Walden Bello* | BEIRUT, Lebanon - The wounds of war were evident shortly after we crossed the Syria-Lebanon border at 1130 in the morning on August 12. At Haissa, about three kilometers from the Dabboussiyeh border crossing, we come across the ruins of a bridge hit by Israeli war planes just the day before. Villagers tell us 12 people were killed and 10 wounded, all civilians.

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FOLLOW THE RULES: The rules of POLITICAL CORRECTNESS when it comes to the Israeli-Arab conflict

Jay in NYC | Brilliant: The rules of POLITICAL CORRECTNESS when it comes to the Israeli-Arab conflict: more...  0 Comments

Incompetent UN Resolution Draft

Jurgen Cain-Kulbel | When the war criminals George W Bush and Tony Blair howl like wolves in the choir, that is a prelude to shooting.. State terrorism becomes international policy in a time when Bush, Blair, Rice, Bolton and Olmert drive the world into wars to conquer resources and wage a parallel crusade against Islam. The UN only seems to be used for legitimation. more...  0 Comments


World Can't Wait - Drive Out the Bush Regime | SILENT DRAMATIC PROTEST AGAINST THE RAMPAGING OF LEBANON & THE MIDDLE EAST more...  0 Comments

Words Fail as the Bombs Fall

Mayssoun Sukarieh | ... and an idea, a fleeting idea, that at any time the roads I have walked thousands of times, houses I have visited, people I know, might disappear in one blow. How can I ... ? I have no words. more...  0 Comments

Hezbollah's welfare services ensure grass-roots support

Israel is going down | In bombed-out southern villages and refugee-filled schools across the country, Hezbollah supporters go door to door, checking if people have enough food and medicine. That is the second prong of the Shiite group's strength in Lebanon, where it is putting up stiff resistance to thousands of Israeli troops in the south. more...  17 Comments

180 Ways To Stop War and Create Peace

Sathya Spreads | economic boycotts of war profiteers, pickets at residences, airplanes with trailing
messages over warmonger fundraisers, calling warjock chickenhawk radio talk,
pray-ins at the churches, mosques or synagogues of warmongers
more...  0 Comments

MoveOn and the "swiftboating" of Cynthia McKenney

David Slavin | She has been "Swiftboated" for at least six years since
she raised legitimate questions about what Bush and his administration
knew that might have prevent the worst intelligence failure in recent
years. All her questions were vindicated in the subsequent hearings
three and four years after the fact. more...  0 Comments

Art of War : Trapped

Larmee | Trapped more...  0 Comments

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