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War & Peace

Dahieh: Destruction and Reconstruction

W. Brandon Jourdan | Hezbollah is moving quickly to aid the citizens of Dahieh. They have worked quickly to help with the reconstruction efforts. In addition to physically helping families, they have been handing out huge sums of money. more...  0 Comments

Journey To South Lebanon: Part Two

W. Brandon Jourdan | Go to to see video of an interview.
Go to to video of Bint Jbeil's destruction.

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More Images from Lebanon & Palestine Solidarity Action

Mike GW | Several hundred activists, community members and families converged on Astoria, Queens for a local solidarity action on Saturday.
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Photos: Anti Israel Rally Athens Park Astoria Queens

Stanley W. Rogouski | A coalition of activist groups and Marxist political parties came together in Athens Park in Astoria Queens to protest the Israeli attack on Lebanon and occupation of the West Bank and Gaza. more...  11 Comments

Israel on the Slide

Who's to Blame? ALEXANDER COCKBURN | In the aftermath of the Lebanon disaster you can open up the Israeli press, particularly the Hebrew language editions, and find fierce assaults on the country's elites from left, right and center. more...  0 Comments

Hawkins, Tasini, Ritter: Bring Troops Home Now, Sun. Aug 27, Judson Memorial

Howie Hawkins | Howie Hawkins, the Green Party candidate for US Senate, will speak Sunday, August 27th in NYC on the need to immediately withdraw American troops at Iraq. The event, sponsored by Peace Action NY and US Troops at Iraq, will be held at 7 PM at the Judson Memorial Church, 55 Washington Square South. Hawkins, a former Marine who was active in organizing opposition to the Vietnam War, earlier this week qualified for the November ballot by filing 30,000 signatures. Hawkins will be joined on the panel by Jonathan Tasini, an anti-war candidate in the Democratic primary for US Senate, and Scott Ritter, who served as a U.S. Marines intelligence officer and was the Chief United Nations Weapons Inspector in Iraq from 1991 to 1998 more...  0 Comments

Journey To South Lebanon: Part One

W. Brandon Jourdan | Watch Video

On Sunday morning, we grabbed coffees and traditional Lebanese breakfast sandwiches called Knefes, and headed to South Lebanon. The highway to the south was lined with huge billboards with images of guerillas with anti-tank missiles and the words “Divine Victory” written on them, other signs with wounded children with the slogan “Made in the USA” written in large letters, and multiple others highlighting last month’s struggle between Hezbollah guerilla fighters and the Israeli Defense Forces.

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‘Destroyed’ FBI Puerto Rico Files Prompt Cover-up Charges

The NewStandard | In the wake of an activist's death at the hands of FBI operatives, the agency's revelation that it may have destroyed records on the independence movement in Puerto Rico has aggravated tensions over the government's presence on the island. In a recent response to a Freedom of Information Act request, the FBI admitted that it could not locate records relating to the activities of a prominent Puerto Rican nationalist. It also stated that its field office in San Juan, Puerto Rico may have destroyed the documents when purging its files years ago. [Previous NYC IMC Coverage || "A People's Tribute"] more...  0 Comments

Sensible Mandate

Daniela Dahn | Peoples do not win wars, only governments.. People only glorify war or delight in war when they are poisoned by propaganda and indoctrinated by the school, media and religion.. War, this orgy of killing and destroying, is the absolute horror.. Peace can only be made with enemies. Despite everything, we on this earth are condemned to negotiate reconciliation. more...  0 Comments

Providence Labor Day: Join the Class Struggle Brigade!

Working Class Emancipation | Meet us Monday, Sept. 4, 3:30 PM at the corner of Westminster and Weybosset Sts.

Our slogans:
Drive US imperialism out of the Middle East!
Full citizenship rights for all immigrants! more...  1 Comments

Lebanon, Lies and Criminal Warfare

Kwang zi | “Israel has a right to defend itself” was the inane excuse offered to the world by the Bush administration for the murder and vandalism committed by Israel in Lebanon – what price ‘defensive warfare’ in today’s world? The unprecedented vandalism and indiscriminate slaughter in Lebanon was (we are supposed to believe) the measured response to a border incursion and two kidnapped soldiers! Hundreds of dead children, wanton destruction and the criminal oil pollution of the Mediterranean coast are the results of Israel ‘defending’ itself? more...  0 Comments

Art of War : NeoCon Agenda

Larmee | NeoCon Agenda more...  0 Comments

FREE FILM SCREENINGS: ATENCO and OAXACA, August 24th & 31st, back to back Thursdays, at 8PM


This video analyzes the events in San Salvador Atenco during the
first days of May, 2006 and denounces the violation of the civilian
population's human rights by state and federal police forces. The
documentary deconstructs the mass media's operating methods, which were
responsible for creating a climate of fear and an information blockade
on the events in San Salvador Atenco, in the midst of an especially
delicate situation: the 2006 process of presidential succession in Mexico.
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Anarchy, A Principle Strategy

c/o Hans Arp, Postleft Office | Anarchists of the past launched the critique of the many institutions of domination that humans – through social and cultural mandates as well as force – were compelled into accepting. more...  17 Comments

Radiant Future

Ulrich Ladurner | "At the beginning of the 20th century, Germany was Europe's leading power but we made wrong decisions and experienced a total disaster. We yielded to our hegemonial ambitions.. But we underestimated Europe's anti-hegemonial instincts. If you strive for hegemony, you and the region will be the losers." (Joschka Fischer at the Teheran Center for Strategic Research, August 2006) more...  1 Comments

"Victory Ride" TODAY at 5pm to Public Hearing for "Atlantic Yards" Draft Environmental Impact Statement

Times Up! | "Still We Ride" bicycle ride turns to "Victory Ride" to celebrate overwhelming support of community, politicians and groups which rallied together and helped stop NYC's new restrictions on our right to assemble. more...  0 Comments

Nonviolent People Power on the Move in September 2006

Joy First | Direct Action Planned for September 26th & 27th at the U.S. Congress. Peace-loving people are moving to make nonviolent history in September 2006. more...  1 Comments


Fil-Am Students for Justice and Peace | The Melo Commission of the Arroyo administration is doomed to fail because her regime as the prime suspect in the killings is also the prime investigator. We Fil-am students call for a truly independent and credible investigation of the murder of Filipino activists. more...  0 Comments

Think Outside the Bomb - NYC Conference

Andrew | From November 4-5, young people from throughout the northeast will converge at PACE University to organize for a nuclear-free world. The conference is being sponsored by the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation, with support from Educators for Social Responsibility (ESR) Metropolitan Area and People's Action for Clean Energy (PACE). The conference will focus on nuclear disarmament, nuclear energy, and the hazards of the nuclear fuel cycle — as well as the connections between these issues. more...  0 Comments

New York Jews Stage Penn Station 'Die-In'

Jewish Conscience | A group of more than 20 Jewish protestors staged a “Die-In” during rush hour this morning outside Penn Station, unfurling large banners and lying down on the ground to demand a cessation of continuing Israeli military aggression in Lebanon and Palestine. In a peaceful demonstration, silent protestors created a harrowing scene reflecting the large civilian death toll in Lebanon and the aftermath of war. Coordinating with the group in New York, Jews in Los Angeles, Philadelphia and San Francisco staged similar events throughout the morning. || First Person: Leaving Israel || A Brief History of Zionism || From Israel With Love more...  17 Comments

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