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War & Peace

Keith Olbermann slams Rummy

tom in manhattan | This is a classic. If you havent seen it give it a watch, and pass on to a friend. Go Keith!

Youtube link -
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Soldier at Camp Casey turns self in at Ft Hood

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Salt Lake City Mayor Joins Demonstration Against Bush Visit There

reposted | [from the Seattle Times] more...  0 Comments

Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld speeches: A new drumbeat for war

The Editorial Board | In a coordinated series of speeches this week, the top officials of the Bush administration have begun a public campaign to smear and intimidate opponents of the war in Iraq while laying the political groundwork for dragging the American people into a new and even more terrible war—this time against Iran. more...  0 Comments

Israel: Beyond Good and Evil?

Israel: Beyond Good and Evil? | Ehud Olmert's Nietzschean foreign policy more...  0 Comments

"We are United with the Other America"

Dorothee Soelle | The US demands the right to preventive war. The right to defense is perverted into the right to self-defense through preventive action (In 1941 Hitler appealed to the right to preventive war against the Soviet Union). That no state interferes in the internal affairs of other states is one of the foundations of international law. The international order arising under the leadership of the United Nations after the end of the 2nd World War is buried. more...  0 Comments

Unexploded Ordinances In South Lebanon

W. Brandon Jourdan | The United Nations estimates that over 100,000 unexploded bombs are left in Lebanon. According to a story released by Reuters, Israel dropped 92 percent of their cluster bombs in the last 72 hours before the ceasefire. While some bombs are made to destroy tanks (which would not affect Hezbollah), others are specifically designed to kill or maim humans. Israel has been condemned by officials within the UN and by Human Rights Watch for its use of cluster bombs in civilian neighborhoods. more...  1 Comments

Move-On Backs Down, Sponsors Tasini vs. Clinton Poll

Tasini Up! | After months of stonewalling, is sponsoring a member poll that pits Hillary Clinton vs. anti-war insurgent Jonathan Tasini.

In the latest Indypendent, Nicholas Allanach wrote that "Sen. Hillary Clinton caught a break – if an incumbent with a war chest of tens of millions in corporate money needed one – when NY1 cancelled her debate with antiwar challenger Jonathan Tasini." || Indypendent Coverage: The Antiwar Electoral Insurgency || Alternet: Move On and Hillary Clinton || Anti-War.Com: Move-On Makes Peace with War || Tasini For New York more...  3 Comments

The subversion of the US Armed Forces during the Vietnam war

Kevin Keating | The role of class conflict inside the United States military... more...  1 Comments

Bush Coming to NYC on Sept. 19th!

UFPJ | On Tuesday, Sept. 19th, President George Bush is scheduled to address the General Assembly at the United Nations -- and we will be on the streets of NYC to greet him!

United for Peace and Justice is organizing a march and rally on the morning of Sept. 19th. We want to send a strong and clear message to Bush and to the representatives of the worlds' governments: The war in Iraq must end now, all U.S troops must be brought home now! more...  4 Comments

GRANITO DE ARENA (2006) | For over 20 years, global economic forces have been dismantling public education in Mexico, but always in the constant shadow of popular resistance... Granito de Arena is the story of that resistance – the story of hundreds of thousands of public schoolteachers whose grassroots, non-violent movement took Mexico by surprise, and who have endured brutal repression in their 25-year struggle for social and economic justice in Mexico's public schools.
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Armitage is the Leaker, but not the Story: Black Ops and War Lies

Dave Lindorff | The corporate media have focused on the outing of Plame but are ignoring the real story: why was the administration so focused and intent upon destroying Plame and her ambassador husband? The answer leads to a dark crime of lies and black ops aimed at promoting a pointless war in Iraq at all costs. more...  1 Comments

Rev. Yearwood endorses Voters Pledge For Peace

posted by David Havelka | Rev. Yearwoods' message: It is time for decent folks who care about the people of the Gulf Coast to come together and become Voters for Peace. Tell the politicans to bring the troops and resources home to the Gulf Coast where they are desperately needed. more...  0 Comments

Art of War : The New Anti-Semitism

Larmee | The New Anti-Semitism more...  0 Comments

Bound for Iraq, the War Machine Rolls by on the NJ Turnpike! (photo)

Vincent F. | Spotted these three brand new Hummers, as I was driving Southbound on the New Jersey Turnpike, yesterday, near Ridgefield Park, NJ. I took the picture with my cell phone camera. It drove home the reality of the war that sometimes seems distant. Here is tangible evidence of the brutality that we are visiting on the occupied. Here is a tractor trailer flat bedding three military vehicles meant to enforce an unwelcome occupation. more...  26 Comments

Katrina, one year later

Fred Bergen | We revolutionaries insist that black liberation, including the conquest of full democratic rights for blacks in the US, can only be achieved through socialist revolution. It is hopeless and naïve to expect the US government to "rebuild for democracy". The face of US capitalist "democracy" was unmasked by Hurricane Katrina, and it's not going to get any prettier. more...  0 Comments

No Troops to Lebanon!

IPC | Israel’s war in Lebanon had several aspects: some concern its own territorial interests, others concern the policy of American imperialism in the Middle East of which it is the fundamental instrument, finally others are related to "the instability" of Lebanon and to the resistance of the Palestinian populations which have been unable to emancipate themselves from the national oppression to which they were subjected initially by British colonialism, then by Zionism. more...  0 Comments

WOID XV-33. Terr-O-Risks

Hoipolloi Cassidy | Perhaps it's time to rething the twisted logic that creates greater and greater repression, with worse and worse effects. more...  0 Comments

The political foundations for the struggle against militarism and war

Nick Beams | There are two outstanding and interconnected features of the present period. The first is the complete disregard for, and overturning of, all precepts of international law. The second is the extent of official lying by all the major governments, along with the absolute prostration of the mass media, which now function as little more than the propaganda machines of the various governments. Nothing recalls the present period so much as the decade of the 1930s, which led eventually to the eruption of the Second World War in 1939. more...  0 Comments

The Troop Question

James Cooke | As the shaky ceasefire between Lebanon and Israel lumbers on, the European governments expected to ‘enforce the peace’ have been stuttering and stalling in the face of actual commitment. It was France who took the initiative originally, who as head of UNISFL (United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon), promised 3000 troops. After analyzing the situation further, an about-face occurred, and the troop level was reduced to 400 non-combatant personal. Italy saw opportunity and declared itself the replacement, promising 2000 troops; France, not to be outdone, reasserted leadership responsibilities, but with 2000 troops this time; Italy was then, thanks to its charitableness, awarded France’s old job as head of UNISFL. After all this, the seesawing attitude of the rest of Europe continues. These governments are demanding more definitive ‘rules of engagement’; they’re curious about the prospects of actual fighting, and are rightfully scared of being viewed as a foreign occupier in Hezbollahland. Bush is intent on seeing that his backfired war-effort is partially salvaged, and has insisted that Europe “hurry up” with military aide, since the U.S. has none to spare. It may be prudent to examine why Europe— who views Israel and the U.S. with apt distrust— is both eager and terrified to help them pursue their interests. Note: a working assumption will be that ‘humanitarian reasons’ is a sophistic answer, meant to lure citizens into obedience. more...  0 Comments

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