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War & Peace

Taking the 7 Talks to the Proletariat

RosaRL | The recent correspondence on taking out Bob Avakian’s 7 Talks, especially into proletarian communities, was very important (see Revolution #60 and #61 for articles on this). One thing that comes through: there is nothing else speaking to the how-to-live-and-die questions that are on people’s minds.... more...  0 Comments

Puerto Rico: The New Meaning of September 23rd

Juan Antonio Ocasio Rivera | The historic date of El Grito de Lares, Puerto Rico's 19th Century freedom uprising, has added meaning as the anniversary of the assassination of Macheteros leader Filiberto Ojeda Rios. This added significance challenges all freedom loving people - especially Puerto Ricans - to answer the call to liberation and sacrifice in order to move the freedom agenda forward. more...  0 Comments

TOMORROW! Stand Up to Bush at the UN!

Susan UFPJ | We stood up last week for our right to protest and dissent. Now we have to use it! We need to make this protest as large and as vocal as possible. We need to make it so loud that the rest of the United Nations will hear us and join in!
We had agreed to march on the sidewalk, however, the NYPD has announced that if our numbers are large enough, they will open up a lane for us on the street. So let's get everyone out there! Help us spread the word far and wide! more...  2 Comments

Talk of Impeachment and Rumors of (More) War

Dave Lindorff | As the movement for impeachment grows stronger, and as the likelihood of a Democratic Congress increases, so does White House desperation, and the temptation to attack Iran. more...  0 Comments

Green Anarchy: Why Misery Loves Company

by Ron Sakolsk; c/o Hans Arp, Postleft Office | Our minds have been so colonized by the unofficial dictatorship of market profitability that we are mired in the endless maze of manufactured reality. The bird’s eye view that might offer a visionary perspective on our situation is absent. more...  21 Comments

Dancing around the flame: A Letter to Helen Thomas

Alan Korbin | Dear Helen Thomas: Why are we all dancing around the real motivations for our invasion of Iraq and our whole new "foreign policy"? I love what you write. You take things in the right direction. You remind journalists that they have some objective things to take care of, and set an example of doggedness and fight that is all but gone from the press corps. Yet...I still don't really hear anyone, yourself included (I could be mistaken here and perhaps missed something) talking DAILY about a daily reality: why we are really there! more...  0 Comments

IMPERIALISM 101 - The U.S. Addiction to Oil, War and Mayhem - Part I


Boycott Air America Radio

D. Grant Haynes | Popular Air America Radio talk show host Mike Malloy was fired August 30 for speaking the truth to power. All progressive Americans should boycott Air America Radio. more...  2 Comments

More information about the BuSh incursion into NYC

FYI | - more...  0 Comments

Oil and Global Warming Event: Voices from the Front Lines

Andrea Buffa, Global Exchange | It's been a hot summer. Some would say un-naturally so. Join Global Exchange for a special event about global warming and oil over-consumption with grassroots leaders from communities that are severely impacted, including the Arctic, Iraq, New Orleans, Nigeria and the small island nations Micronesia and Tuvalu. Speakers include UN Ambassador Enele Sosene Sopoaga of Tuvalu, which is drowning because of rising sea levels, and Faith Gemmill of the Arctic, which is melting because of rising temperatures.

See also: CLIMATE JUSTICE NOW! G8 + 5 Climate Summit, October 3-4 in Mexico City! CALL TO ACTION | Rising Tide North America | Reclaim the Commons more...  1 Comments

Sisters Carol Gilbert, Jackie Hudson, and Ardeth Platte Inspire Nonviolent Action in Washington, DC, on September 26 and

Joy First | Sisters Carol Gilbert, Jackie Hudson, and Ardeth Platte, Plowshares Nuns, inspire us to take action and participate in nonviolent civil resistance against the illegal and immoral occupation of Iraq. Nonviolent actions will take place in Washington, DC, on September 26 and 27, as part of the Declaration of Peace campaign, and planned by the National Campaign for Nonviolent Resistance. more...  0 Comments

UFPJ: The War's Liberal Enablers

Michael Donnelly | ...Given the chance to rise to the occasion and declare the illegal war just that and declare that any candidate who supported the war would not enjoy the political support of the Peace Movement; instead, the Peace Movement allowed the entire issue to disappear from the debate.
more...  5 Comments

UFPJ: We Won! We're Marching!

Susan UFPJ | In a stunning turn of events, the NYC Police Department has reversed its previous decision to deny us the right to march near the United Nations on Sept. 19th. more...  12 Comments

Protests Increase in August

D. Burbeck | From: Protest News Website more...  0 Comments

European powers refuse to send more troops to Afghanistan

reposted | Bitterness and general rancour characterise the relations within NATO one week after its senior military commander called for 2,500 reinforcements to be urgently dispatched to assist the 8,000 British, Canadian and Dutch troops caught up in savage combat in Afghanistan’s southern provinces. In the face of dire warnings that the NATO-led occupation risks losing ground before a resurgence of support for the former Taliban regime, the major European members of the alliance have refused to send a single soldier. more...  0 Comments


Thomas Good | SDS New York is marching to the United Nations on Tuesday, September 19th, 2006 - to protest Bush's presence. But they are also demanding that UFPJ give youth and students a voice in the march by letting SDSers speak at the rally - and that SDS be the lead contingent in the march. SDS argues that youth and students are directly affected by Bush's murderous policies and that this fact needs to be recognized by the peace movement. more...  30 Comments

Air Force Secretary Suggests Making the World Safer by Testing Non-Lethal Weapons on the American Public

Kenneth J. Theisen | As if things could not get any scarier in Washington among members of the Bush regime and their plans to “make us safer”, the Associated Press reports that Air Force Secretary Michael Wynne stated Tuesday, September 12, that weapons such as high-power microwave devices should be used on Americans in crowd-control situations before being deployed on the battlefield. Such weapons are being designed to not only disable people, but also to disable tanks and other weapons by “zapping” and destroying their electronic gear.

more...  1 Comments

Lebanon: Resistance, Destruction and Reconstruction

Justice in Middle East | Join Independent filmmaker and journalist W. Brandon Jourdan and documentary photographer Andrew Stern for a public screening and discussion of footage taken during and after the 34-day war in Lebanon.

When: Wednesday, September 20th 6:45 PM

Where: New School University, 55 W 13th St, Room 101-A
more...  0 Comments

UFPJ: We Are Marching -- Permit or No Permit

Susan UFPJ | On Tuesday, Sept. 19, President Bush will be speaking at the United Nations as part of an election-year public-relations push on his disastrous Iraq War. The New York City Police Department has refused to grant a permit to United for Peace and Justice to march anywhere near the United Nations. Based on feedback from our member groups and supporters, we have come to a decision: We are marching anyway. Permit or no permit, we will stand up against this immoral war and for our right to dissent. [Blasts From the Past, UFPJ Backs Down ... From the Archives: February 15, 2003 || F15 Indypendent Covering the Permit Battle (pdf) || RNC 2004, "The Not Quite Battle of Central Park."] more...  13 Comments


ross.e | After watching the fifth memorial service for those killed on September 11, 2001 and the televised diffusion of the service around the world one might come to the conclusion the lives of these 3,000 victims must be more precious than the lives of millions killed by far more horrendous massacres. Few of these other mass killings are ever commemorated with such emotion, with the exception of the holocaust. more...  0 Comments

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