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War & Peace


AJLPP-USA | The Philippine government (GRP) on Wednesday rejected demands by Muslim rebels for control over vast swaths of land as peace talks remained at a standstill. Executive Secretary Eduardo Ermita conceded that the talks with the Muslim separatist Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) “are at a stalemate right now on the issue of territory.”
Philippine Government (GRP) rejects MILF land demand

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Too fair to Hizbullah?

Charles Glass | A note on campaign to smear Hezbollah as "Jews haters" with "fantasies of genocide" that addresses the 2 of the most commonly used accusations.
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I am outraged - my column for Bush Business

Jerry Pippin, Talk Show | My own congressman, Dan Boren, has proven to me is not a man fit for office, or any position in life. How can he vote for torture? It is beyond my understanding. From this moment on, I am going to do everything in my power to make sure the likes of Dan Boren never serve any longer... more...  0 Comments

Five Long Years with 9/11

Thomas Rothschild | Israel also did not intend to strengthen Hezbollah when it initiated the recent war with Lebanon.. In his book The Atomic State (Der Atomstaat), Robert Jungk warned that the possibility of terrorist misuse of nuclear energy could necessitate a police and surveillance state that is not less dangerous than nuclear power itself. Robert Jungk's negative utopia has suddenly become reality. more...  1 Comments

Act Now: Federal Legislation Labels Activism 'Terrorism'

Animal Rights | The Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act is currently pending in Congress, and industry groups are doing their best to push it through quickly and with little public scrutiny, Patriot Act style, before Fall recess.
Please act now to make sure that the War on Terrorism, and the tragedy of 9/11, isn’t used to push a political agenda and silence dissent.
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UN ORIENTAL EN LA DIASPORA | Dr. TABARE VAZQUEZ (Uruguay's President said: I'am artiquist. He`s crazy? more...  0 Comments

Screening of Michael Franti's I know I'm Not Alone

unbroken | Free screening of Michael Franti's 2004 movie documenting his travels through iraq and palestine. more...  1 Comments

Visualizing the Dead: Sunday Morning Vigil Brings Home Cost of Iraq War to 5th Ave.

Maria Skouras | On September 17, 2006 at 10 a.m., New Yorkers and tourists anywhere along Fifth Avenue between 8th and 73rd Street encountered demonstrators embracing silence to honor those American soldiers who have perished in Iraq as part of a vigil named “Number the Dead” (hyperlink to For one hour, participants held signs displaying the name, age, and hometown for each of the 2,683 U.S. soldiers who died in Iraq. more...  6 Comments

In the Spirit of Jaures and Luxemburg

Peter Wahl | Only a new type of conflict management can put a stop to the violence in the Middle East.. The important question is how the never ending spiral of violence, revenge, allocation of blame and retribution can be broken. more...  0 Comments

Exploiting 9-11

Florian Roetzer | Bush is using the fifth anniversary to appear as the rescuer and protector of the US, freedom, democracy and civilization.. Other governments will now decry the shameless exploitation of the attacks that has made the world more insecure contrary to the mantra of the Bush administration. more...  0 Comments

Suicide Bomber

leef | Perhaps the two most feared words in the English language today are “suicide bomber”; the propaganda machine in the west ensures that these two words continue to strike fear and terror into the hearts of the civilian population. Circumstances occasionally present all of us with unusual opportunities. When a young man who claimed the above distinction wished to make known his story it would have been a dereliction of my profession to refuse the request. The public interest is not served unless both sides of a story are made available. more...  0 Comments

GI Resistance, Counter-recruitment, and Getting Out of Iraq

Elizabeth Weill-Greenberg | Army veteran Jose Vasquez, who refused to participate in the Iraq war, will join
Anthony Arnove, author of Iraq: The Logic of Withdrawal (The New Press);
Peter Laufer, author of Mission Rejected: US Soldiers Who Say No to Iraq
(Chelsea Green); Elizabeth Weill-Greenberg, editor of 10 Excellent Reasons Not to Join
the Military (The New Press.); and Rae Abileah, contributor to 10 Excellent Reasons Not to Join the Military. more...  0 Comments

The Miracle of Vienna

Knut Meilenthin | Something happened in Vienna that could possibly and hopefully avert a threatened war. more...  0 Comments

Turning the Tide on Religious Fundamentalism— Free Lecture

Ezra Niesen | I’ve been invited to give a lecture at Arizona State University this fall on evolutionary science and its uses in progressive activism. The version of the lecture I wanted to give turned out to be 4 hours long, so I recorded that version in 13 tracks and posted it on my website for free download at more...  0 Comments

50-60,000 People Demonstrate In Manchester, UK

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El diablo en George W. Bush

por capitán Eric H. May | Un oficial de ejército anterior, con los fondos en inteligencia militar y asuntos públicos, piensa que presidente venezolano Hugo Chavez golpeó el clavo en la cabeza cuando

él llamó George W. Bush un diablo -- y da razones por las que. more...  0 Comments

Venezuelan Foreign Minister Detained by TSA at JFK

nycispes | The Venezuelan Mission to the UN is holding a press conference Sunday evening regarding the earlier detention and harassment of Venezuelan foreign minister Nicolas Maduro, after accompanying President Hugo Chavez during his visit to NYC for the conference at the United Nations. more...  11 Comments

PHILIPPINES: Remember Martial Law!

Laban ng Masa (Struggle of the Masses) | The political climate today is similar to 1970-72, when Marcos was preparing for martial law. Unlike Marcos, however, Gloria Macapagal Arroyo (GMA) has no clear electoral mandate and she does not have firm control of the military. Unable to buy legitimacy for her illegitimate government, she is performing all sorts of legal tricks to ensure her political survival. One trick she learned from the late dictator is to monkey around with the constitution.

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Kucinich Calls For Hearings on Negroponte’s False And Misleading Report on Iran

DKucinich | We cannot and must not permit this Administration to build a case for war against Iran on falsehoods and pretext. We have seen similar patterns with the twisting of intelligence to create a war against Iraq and we must not let this happen again. I ask that the Subcommittee invite the DNI to appear immediately before the Committee. It is imperative that our questions be answered in an expeditious manner.
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Lebanon Presentation in Williamsburg, Brooklyn |
Join Independent filmmaker and journalist W. Brandon Jourdan and
documentary photographer Andrew Stern for a public screening and
discussion of footage taken during and after the 34-day war in Lebanon.

When: Wednesday, September 27th 7:30 PM

Where: The Change You Want to See Gallery and Convergence Stage
84 Havemeyer St, Store Front, Brooklyn NY 11211
(corner of Havemeyer and Metropolitan in Williamsburg)

L or G train to Metropolitan, walk west toward the water, Havemeyer is a few
blocks down on the left.
J/M/Z to Marcy, walk west on Broadway, right on Havemeyer, we're 5 blocks
down at the end of the street.
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