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War & Peace

Mexiamerica en México

carlos vigueras | El estado de Oaxaca se encuentra en estado de máxima alerta ante la inminente posibilidad
de que los Marines mexicanos y el Ejército tomen la capital del estado sureño de Oaxaca y
repriman al movimiento de más de 70 mil maestros de la sección 22 y la APPO.
Se rompieron las platicas y el gobierno se niega a dialogar sin la presencia del gobernador
Ulises Ruiz a quien se le ha pedido que renuncie para poder solucionar el problema de mas de 4 meses. more...  0 Comments

On Your Own Terms: An open letter to activists regarding World Can't Wait

Jed Brandt | Tired of stewing in anger while "long war" and torture are normalized, working on campaigns that don't touch the highest powers and an activist culture where we tear each other down instead of pushing forward? Me too. That's why I'm getting involved in this fight and taking it to my neighbors, friends and the street on October 5. This is not a one-day fight. It's nobody's dog-and-pony show.

We resist or we are complicit. more...  24 Comments

Kidnapped Colombian revolutionary Ricardo Palmera to go on trial in Washington DC

Fight Back News Service | Kidnapped Colombian revolutionary Ricardo Palmera to go on trial in Washington DC

Picket line and press conference set for trial opening day, to demand Palmera’s freedom!
October 10 / 8:30 a.m. picket line
9:00 AM press conference
Federal Court Building (333 Constitution Ave., NW) more...  0 Comments

Wars and Debts and Taxes, Oh My!

populist | If my memory hasn't failed yet, it wasn't just the Republican Party that got us into this horrible mess. The Democrats voted for it as well, promoted it as a necessity, and even bombed Iraq on a regular basis throughout the 1990s; all the while aggressively supporting UN sanctions that resulted in over one million innocents dead. more...  1 Comments


Joseph Huff-Hannon | a talk with Tom Hayden on the occasion of the
publication of Conspiracy in the Streets: The Extraordinary Trial of the
Chicago Eight. The book is complete with trial transcripts, original
courtroom drawings by the renowned political cartoonist Jules Feiffer,
and comparisons of the similarities of between the '60's struggles
against the Johnson administration and the war in Vietnam and Bush and
events in the Middle East. Tom Hayden, director of No More Sweatshops!,
is the author of eighteen books, including Irish on the Inside, was a
founding member of SDS and the author of one of the great works in
political theory, The Port Huron Statement. He was one of the Chicago
Eight and is still a leading civil rights as well-as anti war activist.
more...  0 Comments

World Can't Wait! Protest Oct. 5 Against Bush Regime

jeny | Be part of stopping a regime making torture legal! Come out Thursday
wherever you are.
more...  2 Comments

Latin America:What is the U.S. Military Doing in Paraguay

By Benjamin Dangl | The U.S. military is conducting secretive operations in Paraguay and reportedly building a new base there. Human rights groups and military analysts in the region believe trouble is brewing. However, the U.S. embassy in Paraguay denies the base exists and describes the military activity as routine. more...  0 Comments

Labor must take the road of class struggle!

Fred Bergen | The era in which a reformist leadership could secure major gains for the workers has ended. Either the workers have to aim for it all, mobilizing the entire class to decisively and permanently defeat the forces of state repression that the monopoly capitalists array against them, or settle for nothing. more...  7 Comments

Stop the G8+5, Defend Oaxaca! Virtual Sit-In!

edt, blhl, rtna | The borderlands Hacklab,Electronic Disturbance Theater and Rising Tide North America call for a virtual sit-in against the websites of the G8+5 and the Mexican government during the G8+5 meetings on October 3-4th, 2006 in Mexico.

To join the action, click here: more...  2 Comments

1st Annual Dave Dellinger Lecture on Nonviolence

WRL | 1st Annual Dave Dellinger Lecture on Nonviolence
Staughton Lynd speaking on “Resistance to War in a Volunteer Army”

October 19, 2006
Judson Memorial Church, 55 Wash. Sq. S., Manhattan

Info at * 718-768-7306

more...  1 Comments

Sixth Anniversary of al-Aqsa Mosque Intifada Passes Still Unresolved

Stephen Lendman | Palestinian Oppression Continues more...  0 Comments

Break the Silence, End Impunity for Indonesia 1965 (Part 1)

Modern Pitung | From the end of September through October 1965, a long chain of events started in Indonesia.
In the end, millions of Indonesians were left dead or scarred for the rest of their lives by the violence that marked the beginning of the New Order regime of Suharto. Since that time, the events have gone on to be either justified or ignored in the West as a matter of "what those Third World people do." more...  0 Comments

Rey George Bush y la verdad torturada

Capitán Eric H. May | Una inteligencia anterior del ejército y un oficial de los asuntos públicos da un análisis que disturba de apenas qué clase de plan el Neocons tiene en el almacén para los Estados Unidos con su legislación reciente para espiar y para torturar a enemigos del estado -- ¡y qué clase de hombre ella tiene en George W. Bush para llevarla hacia fuera! more...  0 Comments

Building Bridges Radio: Iraq for Sale with Robert Greenwald

Ken Nash and Mimi Rosenberg | WBAI's Building Bridges: Your Community and Labor Report presents this 28 minute radio program.

Code Name "Northwoods"

Jurgen Rose | What was conceived with Northwoods was nothing but blatant state terrorism perpetrated by a superpower supposedly spreading freedom, democracy and human rights worldwide.. Only the attention of a critical public can stop the ambitions of politicians like Cheney and Rumsfeld. more...  0 Comments

King George Bush and the Tortured Truth

Captain Eric H. May | A former Army intelligence and public affairs officer gives a disturbing analysis of just what kind of plan the Neocons have in store for the United States with their recent legislation to spy and torture state enemies -- and what kind of man they have in George W. Bush to carry it out ! more...  2 Comments

PHILIPPINES: The Killings Must Stop

Movements (Europe) | This is a Statement by European Church and Civil Society Organisations regarding the recent upsurge of political killings in the Philippines.

more...  0 Comments

IRAN: the Squall and US/NATO's Bloodlust Without Borders

Foreign Press Foundation - HR | The US moves 12.000 troops to the south of Afghanistan, to the Iranian border. NATO is freeing up US forces for the war against Iran, which has a warp speed torpedo, the Squall, as a bad surprise in store. The USS Eisenhower leaves next Tuesday with a war fleet, maybe we'll see the 'Hormuz one-way Streets'? more...  0 Comments

Where is Mohammed Naeem Noor Khan?!?!?

Daithí | …from Amnesty International:

more...  0 Comments



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