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War & Peace

UPDATE S24: A call for a Revolutionary Anti-Authoritarian Bloc Against the War and Capitalism

Anarcho | We are calling for a Revolutionary Anti-Authoritarian Bloc Against the War and Capitalism on September 24th. Meet at Dupont Circle at 11:30am (where the Mobilization for Global Justice feeder march will also be meeting) and look for a banner and black flags. Please bring your own flags, sturdy banners, clothes to blend in at the march, and other defensive items you might need to oppose the war and the system behind it! more...  5 Comments

Talk on Anti-War Movement at The New Space

The New SPACE | How can we build an effective anti-war movement which is based on principles of international solidarity, and loan a voice to our natural allies in Iraq? more...  5 Comments

"Benjamins For Benjamin Weekend" (Sep 24)

Non 501(c)3 Trust Funded Activist | Why? How profits from waht is supposed to be a peace march? more...  1 Comments

John H.o.W.A.R.d line roars at Fascism Week

Propaganda Monster | Embellishments of all kinds -- detention, deportation, fines -- were evident on the dogwalks this week, as were masculine details such as ASIO, security risk, threats and new anti-liberty laws. Even those signs came off more like criminogenic intellectual slavery and less harsh than the nasty, over-the -top feelings of many suspected terrorists detained last season. That's a joke son! more...  0 Comments

George Galloway's Boston Speech

Traprock Peace Center | George Galloway started his national tour at Boston's historic Faneuil Hall on September 13, 2005. Listen to and download his speech, see photos, read and comment on the blog, and order tickets for an upcoming event in Toronto, Madison, Chicago, Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, or Washington, DC. more...  0 Comments

Segal Pleads Guilty to Army Recruitment Fire

Bombs and Shields | Anarchist, David Segal pleaded guilty to felony "malicious mischief" in federal court Wednesday morning in relation to a January 31, 2005 attempt to burn down a Bronx military recruiting station. more...  16 Comments

Are Irish airports used for torture flights?

Daithí Mac Lochlainn | Christy Moore’s Knock Song is a satirical piece about the Monsignor James Horan’s project to build an airport in Knock, County Mayo, the site of a Catholic shrine.

He ends the song with the question,

“Did NATO donate the dough, my boys? Did NATO donate the dough?”
more...  7 Comments

Greetings from the Ground Below Zero

Andrea | "Let me tell you - because I've heard from friends in the 'outside world' that the impression you get from TV is that Canal Street is still under water and dead bodies floating everywhere. Canal Street? It is high and dry - it is media row."

"We also have a couple of fantastic documentary film makers from New York city who were down here last week documenting our efforts and others who have just committed to spending a year with us, documenting the rebuilding process and helping get to the bottom of what has happened. " more...  0 Comments

Israeli refusniks growing stronger every day

olive branch | More Israeli youth are refusing to serve in the occupied territories for ethical and psychological reasons, the line between the two blurs as the effects of human rights violations against Palestinians carried out by IDF soldiers can result in long term psychological trauma..
more...  0 Comments

Nepal: Maoists announce unilateral ceasefire

A World To Win News Service (repost) | The people’s war in Nepal is undergoing a new twist in its long march to nationwide political power. The Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) announced a unilateral ceasefire for three months beginning 3 September. Coupled with the ceasefire, the party has also initiated a programme for mass mobilisations from 10 September to 3 December. The main item on the agenda is the overthrow of the feudal monarchy and the achievement of a People’s Republic of Nepal. more...  0 Comments

One Emergency Away

Cascade Dem | The Bushies are using Katrina to extend their reach and eliminate local control more...  1 Comments

Readers Comment on the Galloway vs Hitchens Debate

RFE / IMC Readers | "I am listening to the debate," says dr. b, "and Hitchens is creaming Galloway .. rhetorically and on the arguments .. Hitchens makes moral and historical arguments, has facts and figures .. Galloway has one liners and unrelated topics (new orleans, algeria, Marie Antoinette cake, Israel etc) .. but does not refute the arguments for the war that Hitchens gave (liberation of Iraqi peopel, Kurds, free elections and newspapers, etc)."

"No,Hitchens lost," Stan argues back. more...  13 Comments

Memorandum of Understanding between United for Peace and Justice and the A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition

reposted from | Many of the member groups of United for Peace and Justice have asked about the content of the agreement we reached with the ANSWER Coalition about the joint rally and march on Sept. 24th. Because there is a lot of interest in this issue we are sending you, the groups that are part of UFPJ, a copy of the Memorandum of Understanding between the two coalitions. Please feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions of concerns. more...  24 Comments

Revised Info on "LGBT People Against the War" Sept. 24th contingent in DC

Gay Liberation Network | The "LGBT People Against the War" contingent for the big anti-war march in DC will be INSTEAD be meeting at 11 am (EST), Saturday, Sept. 24th on the Elipse. Look for the large pink banner, "Bring the Troops Home NOW" (topped by Pride flags!). more...  0 Comments

Govt slaps peace activist with $11,000 travel bill

Injustice | "I've given talks about the US anti-war movement and I've given talks about Halliburton and I've given talks about non-violent social change, you know peaceful ways of doing this like [Martin Luther] King and Ghandi, but I've never done anything which they're trying to allude to." more...  0 Comments

9/18- 9/19: Cindy Sheehan and Bring Them Home Now Tour Stops in New York City

Bring Them Home Now Tour | Cindy Sheehan and Bring Them Home Now Tour to Stop in New York City
Sunday, September 18th - Monday, September 19th

Sheehan Just Back From Delivering Aid to Gulf Coast Calls for
‘Money for Hurricane Relief – Not for War’

Gold Star and Military Families, Iraq War and other Vets Take Message to 51 Cities in 28 States, will Converge at Major Anti-War Rally in DC on September 24 more...  0 Comments

Block Roberts nomination

Final Hour | NOW: Rally Union Sq. TODAY 5:30 (Sept. 15)

NOW (National Organization of Women) has organized a rally to block Roberts' nomination to the Supreme court. His possible confirmation would mean a loss of liberty and rights not just for women however. Join this last hour rally to make your voice HEARD! more...  1 Comments

Chicago City Council Votes 29-to-9 for Iraq Pullout

Carl Davidson | [Let's go, New York. Don't Let Chicago Make You Look Like You're Draggin' Up the Rear...] more...  0 Comments

Why isn't UN / Bush Visit on the index??

CSD | The most hated president (sic) in American history is in the city that hates him the most and where is indy media??? No articles, no schedule or info. No news. more...  5 Comments

Indypendent Special Edition: Hurricane Katrina (PDF)

The Indypendent | Story budget to come, but in the meantime -- download the entire issue. more...  2 Comments

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