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War & Peace

Defeat Bush-kissers (Sherrod Brown)_Worse than GOP!

George Doole | Sherrod Brown voted for torture by U.S. Army. Lew Katz's opponent voted against torture.

Harry Truman used to say that a real Republican could beat a phony one -- one running as a Democrat -- every time. I want to prove the great President right once again. more...  0 Comments

Call for Sit-Ins at the White House, Nov. 6-9

town crier |
We need 5000 folks to SURROUND the White House. Think about it, 100 from every state. Now thats representation. Can you be there? As Cindy Sheehan a part of history. Don't forget to vote absentee before you come more...  0 Comments

Shell Oil slams Irish People

Joe McBarton | Shell Oil is trying to steal local peoples land.

Shell dumping Toxic Waste into ocean. Other unsafe and dangerous practices.

Stop the Butchers from stealing our land and our resources. more...  6 Comments

North Korea and the Threat of Nuclear Extermination

Wayne Price | This has led some on the left to support the North Korean regime in building nuclear missiles. See for example, the article published by the Party for Socialism and Liberation, “North Korea has the right to test and possess nuclear weapons.” (Sloan 2006) Some of these supporters regard North Korea as “socialist” or (many Trotskyists) as a “deformed workers’ state.” more...  6 Comments

Sudan: Killing and Drilling for Oil

Henk Ruyssenaars - Ex Africa correspondent | Sudan refuses an invasion by 20.000 US/UN troops in oil rich Darfur, charging the UN Security Council resolution is 'a Western plot to occupy his country and plunder the oil fields.' - Many dogs of war are fighting for the same bone, which Sudan tries to keep for itself. more...  0 Comments

Staughton Lynd on "Resistance to War in a Volunteer Army"

Axel Oberg | Announcing the
First Annual David Dellinger Lecture on Nonviolence
Featuring author and social historian
Staughton Lynd on
"Resistance to War in a Volunteer Army"
7 - 9 pm • Thursday, October 19, 2006 more...  0 Comments

Peace with Honor in Iraq

Yova | A recent letter from Senator Schumer informed me of his conern with the way in which the war in Iraq is being waged and that "staying the course" is the "wrong plan at the wrong time". In addition Senator Schumer states that regardless of how we got into the Iraq war we must now find a "workable strategy" to protect our troops, transition Iraq into Iraqi hands, and withdraw from Iraq without allowing Iraq to fall into chaos. My reply offers solutions based on accepting the responsibility for the consequences of our actions including the fabricated causes of war in Iraq. more...  0 Comments

League of Women Voters Protest Hawkins Exclusion from US Senate Debates

Howie Hawkins | The League of Women Voters has withdrawn its sponsorship from a planned US Senate debate on October 22nd because Green Party candidate Howie Hawkins is not being allowed to participate. Democrats Hillary Clinton and Republican John Spencer are the only candidates invited by WABC. The League said that Hawkins, who has pulled surprisingly well in recent polls as an anti-war candidate, met their definition of a legitimate candidate who should be included. Hawkins and his supporters have led protests outside of the two recent debates. more...  2 Comments

Art of War : Die Bold!

Larmee | Die Bold more...  0 Comments

The Fourth Annual Brooklyn Peace Fair on Sunday.

Brooklyn Parents for Peace | The Fourth Annual Brooklyn Peace Fair is on Sunday, October 22 from 11:00–5:00 at LIU Brooklyn Campus on Flatbush & DeKalb Avenues

A Peace & Justice Extravaganza for Adults & Children of All Ages
Music, Art, Performers, Workshops, & Information Tables

more...  0 Comments

The Will to Undemocratic Power

Philip Golub | After the attacks, the president was transfigured into an American Caesar, dissent was silenced by fear and the mobilization of nationalist sentiment.. Today the deconstruction of the constitutional order is happening in the context of a ubiquitious and timeless war. more...  0 Comments

What cost WAR?

williameon | We are headed into a depression led by
The Pirates of The Millennium!!!
They are the most: lying, cheating, corrupt
Bunch of Ass-h-les in the
History of the world.
Thanks a lot Bush & Co.
For destroying our Country and robbing us blind! more...  0 Comments

Former Watergate Era Congresswoman Advocates Impeachment of Bush for Violations of U.S. Constitution

Between the Lines' Scott Harris | Former Watergate Era Congresswoman Advocates Impeachment of Bush for Violations of U.S. Constitution~Interview with Elizabeth Holtzman, former congresswoman, conducted by Scott Harris more...  0 Comments

Trotskyism as psychopathology: Trots go gaga for nukes in the hands of the Starvation Stalinist North Korean regime

Kevin Keating | Trotskyism: Stalinism's loyal opposition... more...  26 Comments

Oil Prices Surge. Bush- not my fault.

Roy Blunt | Oil Prices climb. Bush says - it is not my fault. Who believes him?
more...  6 Comments

Staughton Lynd Carries the Torch for Non-Violent Principles

Donald Paneth | “Someday, there’ll be a war to which nobody comes,” said Staughton Lynd, a leader in the early antiwar movement of the 1960s, as he spoke to a multigenerational audience about the prospects for preventing future conflicts like Vietnam and Iraq. || Staughton Lynd on Democracy Now! more...  0 Comments

10/23 Peaceful Action against Racial Profiling on the Staten Island Ferry

Tommy SP-NYC | Peaceful Action against Racial Profiling on the Staten Island Ferry
Monday, October 23rd, 5pm - 7pm, Manhattan Ferry Terminal, at Battery Park (Whitehall, N/R/W :: South Ferry. 1/9 :: Bowling Green, 5).
Ferry is Free.
more...  2 Comments

TOMMORROW: Book Launch/Discussion of Ruairí Ó Brádaigh Biography

Indiana University Press | Ruairi O'Bradaigh The Life and Politics of an Irish Revolutionary

Listen - Ask - Learn.


US Book Launch of Ruairí Ó Brádaigh Biography

Date: Saturday, 21 October 2006
Venue: O'Lunney's Times Square Pub
145 W 45th St (Between 6th & Broadway)
New York, NY 10036

5 - 7 PM ---- BOOK LAUNCHING ---- Indiana University Press Sponsor an
evening with author Robert White. He will be reading from / discussing
his book: Ruairi O'Bradaigh The Life and Politics of an Irish

(Everyone Welcome!)

Related Link: more...  1 Comments

Turkey and the Armenian Genocide: Lecture/Discussion

Taner Akcam | October 2, Monday, 6:30-8:00pm,
Elebash Recital Hall,
CUNY Graduate Center,
365 5th Avenue, Manhattan more...  0 Comments

Hip Hop For Venezuela In The Bronx This Friday!!!!

Rodstarz | Dope Political and Community Based Hip Hop Show In the Bronx This Friday more...  0 Comments

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