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War & Peace

An open letter to Christians who vote

A Christian | Millions of American Christians have had enough of watching our faith being hijacked and warped for partisan political gain, and watching as "Christian" leaders annihilate Christ's message of love, compassion and peacemaking to replace it with a message of fear, arrogance, greed and warmongering. On November 7th, we'll reject the tactics of fear, hatred and deceit, and we'll vote Christ's values: love, compassion, gentleness, caring (including caring for gays and for women's medical privacy!), humility and peacemaking.
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for Oaxaca and for Brad

italy imc | Down the streets of Rome, for justice, in a brother's name. more...  3 Comments

11/03: Short Minute to Minute from Oaxaca

Barucha Calamity Peller | Radio Universidad in Oaxaca shot at with AK'47s. more...  0 Comments

Protesters for Oaxaca Gather in Boston: Mexican Consul Confronted at Day of the Dead Celebration at Harvard

Boston Indymedia | Boston, Mass. – About 150 protesters from several cities in Massachusetts (Boston, Worcester, Bedford) and Providence, Rhode Island, joined forces to protest in front of the Mexican consulate yesterday to raise awareness and demand justice for the people’s resistance in Oaxaca. They did so as an international red alert was raised from Oaxaca announcing that Radio Universidad was being attacked by federal forces. more...  0 Comments

The Right of All People to Self-Determination

Rainer Rothe | With the military strike against Iraq, the intervention forces have fulfilled the fact of aggression.. Aggression is one of the worst crimes according to the 1999 statute of the International Court. more...  0 Comments

Evangelical College Student Walks Across Country To Protest War

Brother Raymond | Denver to DC Walk For Truth more...  3 Comments

The Indypendent

nyc imc print | November 1 - 30, 2006
Death of a Journalist: Remembering Brad Will more...  4 Comments

John Kerry’s Reality Attack

peptide | In that strange inverted land called America politicians who tell the truth risk ridicule and reprimand; John Kerry has been attacked by the opposition and members of his own party for stating the truth regarding the intellectual capability of some military personnel in Iraq. 'And they all screamed foul' – only in America! more...  1 Comments

Antiwar Soldiers Speaking about how you can Support/Build the GI Movement

Matthew Capri | Please print out and post this flyer. more...  0 Comments

Photos from the battle in Oaxaca

John Gibler | At 8 am protesters and federal police stood face to face. By 4 pm, protesters had driven the police away and regained control of the streets surrounding the state university.

Read Full Report more...  14 Comments

Breaking: The APPO Repels the PFP from The Benito Juarez University in Oaxaca

Gringoyo | After a six-hour siege on the Benito Juarez Autonomous University, which is the home Radio Universidad, voice of the APPO, the Federal Preventative Police (PFP) was forced to retreat just moments ago.

See also: APPO Taken out of TV Stations || Oaxaca Update: War Escalates and Brad Will's Killers || RADIO APPO UNDER HEAVY ATTACK! || URGENT! Call your senators and congressmen and media outlets and women


Mexican PFP Assaulting University of Oaxaca, Radio APPO, Right Now: Minute By Minute Update

Barucha Calamity Peller and Guerrero in Oaxaca | The APPO Repels the PFP from The Benito Juarez University in Oaxaca

Additional comprehensive updates at La Luchita more...  2 Comments


RZ | This day a violent attack is about to make the University and its radio fall under goverment forces. more...  1 Comments

Nobel's Explosive Peace Prize

Henk Ruyssenaars - Ex Scandinavia corresponde | She was the daughter of a pro Allende politician and wept. She'd lost count of Pinochet's gang raping her, and woke up 'corked with a bottle'. But the terror group let her live and waddle home. Kissinger who planned the rape of Chile with the CIA that same month in 1973 was awarded Nobel's Peace Prize. more...  8 Comments

image from a blockade in Chiapas in support of Oaxaca`s rebel teachers with a message about Brad Will

z | An image from a blockade in Chiapas in support of Oaxaca`s rebel teachers with a message about Brad Will: more...  0 Comments

Oaxaca residents build altars to honor victims

John Gibler | Domitila Mendoza moved aside limes, oranges and bananas to clear a place for her bowl of chicken in mole sauce. The afternoon light had begun to soften, bringing out the colors of the flowers, fruit, and candles all placed on the sidewalk.
In a traditional ceremony that predates the arrival of Columbus, Domitila Mendoza had come to pay honor to the dead. But the altar here in Santa Lucía, a suburb of Oaxaca City, was not dedicated to her ancestors, but rather to a young New York Indymedia journalist who was shot dead last Friday.

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PFP Draws Increasingly Intimidating Intimidating Posture, University City, Oaxaca

CML / Indybay | 00:20 PFP roams University City, location of Radio University. Apparently it is an intimidatory act. more...  0 Comments

Solidarity in Flames (aka, "Where's AMLO??)

La Journada, Trans. Narco News | The entire structure of political organizations and institutionalized labor unions are, in spite of their differences, leaving Oaxaca in solitude during these crucial moments. No great social mobilizations have sprung up, like the ones that were started to stop the war against zapatismo in 1994, not like the mobilizations that arose against the Acteal massacre. The electoral routine, that is, the logic of the existing institutions, has taken over every social mobilization. There are a few declarations and a few protests, but no great mobilization of forces like the one organized in the electoral dispute. more...  0 Comments

Local PRI Flexes Muscle

El Universal | The daily newspaper Reforma published evidence Wednesday that Elpidio Concha, a former PRI deputy implicated in the 2004 beating death of an opposition teacher, is now coordinating anti- APPO actions, including the march Tuesday in support of Gov. Ruiz.

Another daily, La Jornada, citing PFP sources, reported that operatives linked to the PRI were committing crimes and acts of violence in Oaxaca City, intending them to be blamed on APPO.

In a news conference Wednesday, Ramírez Leyva offered to assist federal troops by deploying 20,000 PRI members "to clean the streets of Oaxaca." He called for the arrest of Flavio Sosa and other APPO leaders, and criticized Interior Secretary Carlos Abascal for negotiating with "subversives." more...  0 Comments


ALEJANDRO CÉSAR ALVAREZ | Escrito el 23-03-2003 y publicado en el sitio Cuentos Globales (Málaga) el 27-04-2003. Publicado en castellano (español), português e italiano. more...  0 Comments

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