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War & Peace

Art of War : Abu Ghraib

Larmee | Abu Ghraib more...  0 Comments

New Documentary Film on IRAQ now screening in NYC

Alex O. Williams | Maysoon Pachahci's acclaimed new documentary film on Iraq, RETURN TO THE LAND OF WONDERS, is now screening at the Pioneer Theater in NYC. more...  5 Comments

Populist #7

Franklin | Constitutional Democracy as a Protection against Internal Hostilities - continued more...  0 Comments

Theses on Domination and Barbarism

Bodo Ramelow | "The policy of scapegoats in Germany and elsewhere devours the liberal foundations of society little by little and produces tears in the fundamentals of democracy.A counterpart could be a new social contract for the 21st century.." more...  0 Comments

No More Moral Relativism: The US is a Terrorist State

Dave Lindorff | When Bush and Blair decry acts of terror that murder innocent people, they should look in the mirror, long and hard. -------------- more...  2 Comments

Rove's Over

M. Lindsay | It's about time we fired Karl Rove, don't you think? more...  0 Comments

Cyberstalking the Recruitable Teen

Nick Turse | An Army of (No) One: An Inside Look at the Military's Internet Recruiting War more...  0 Comments

"Nine-Eleven" Retrospective

Juergen Nieth | After declaring war on terrorists, an endless war, the balance sheet is rather depressing three years later-and after two wars. Numerous terrorism experts see America's reaction to Sept 11 as catastrophic. A gift was given to the terrorists with the Iraq war. more...  0 Comments

Picket Tues NYC: Support Gay Turkish Refusenik Mehmet Tarhan

Payday | PRIDE IN REFUSING TO KILL Defend Mehmet Tarhan, gay Turkish refusenik PICKET THE TURKISH CONSULATE, TUESDAY JULY 12, 12-1PM 821 United Nations Plaza, New York City (46th St. and 1st Ave) more...  0 Comments

30th Anniversary of Vietnamese Victory Over U.S. Imperialism—A Revolutionary Program to End Imperialist War

Helen Cantor, Workers Vanguard Editorial Board | more...  0 Comments

Support Mehmet Tarhan, Gay Turkish Conscientious Objector

Payday | Mehmet Tarhan, gay Turkish conscientious objector goes back to military court on July 12. He is in jail since 8 April and has been threatened, humiliated and tortured by other prisoners. more...  0 Comments

MP3 - HEAR!! - IRAQ - US Marine describes killing of Iraqi civilians

US marine BBC | Marine describes killing of civilians in Iraq more...  0 Comments

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