A three-month Bulgarian shepherd puppy is prepared to be given by Bulgaria's PM Bojko Borisov to President Barack Obama later this year, WAZ.euobserver.com reported, June 20, 2010.

At the same time, key Bulgarian officials are receiving thousands of letters and phone calls, but humane solutions in favor of the national pet population were not considered by the authority.

President Obama's position on major animal welfare issues is very appreciated. Moreover, for decades, the United States is pursuing a very transparent animal control. That's why Animal Programs Foundation urges President Obama to convince PM Borisov to take steps in legal pet population management.

In fact, Bulgarian officials hide the Europe's dirtiest industry. National cat and dog population counts about three million animals. Their annual birth rate remains near 100 per cent. While the euthanasia is banned in Bulgaria, illegal activities are involving hundreds of thousands stolen and unwanted companion animals. Most of unwanted pets are just waiting to endure long, extremely painful and torturous deaths wherever that may be in the unlicensed laboratories or illegal fur factories. For instance, eleven unowned dogs were put to agonize by poisoning in the Pernik city downtown in mid-March 2010, Bulgarian media reported.

Bulgarian government has done nothing to restrict neither the massive cat and dog breeding, nor the commercial movements of stolen and unwanted pet animals, and supposed money laundering. For example, in most recent years, Sofia Animal Control Service reported some 5000 dogs impounded and disposed annually, while every year, local owned dog population continues to produce tens of thousands redundant grown ups in a good physical condition. Curiously, there were no lost dogs reported as reunited by the City Animal Control.


The main goal of Animal Programs Foundation is decreasing the dynamics of cat and dog populations in Bulgaria. The foundation activities are focused on dealing with two key factors - both authority's reluctance to launch effective companion animal management and people's misconception in pet breeding, supply and demand.