Brazil: And now what, Mr. lawfare man of the year?

The other judge testifies that the apartment belongs to OAS, is under attachment, goes to auction for the benefit of creditor companies and has never been Lula´s ... Not even Globe Network hides your infamy now! You're naked in the middle of the square!
We all know that the election without Lula is a fraud, but in fact nobody expected this news now, just few days before Lula's trial / show.
Moro condemned Lula in the lower court, accusing him, without proof, of having received the OAS´s apartment as a bribe.

The attachment, reported by journalist Mino Pedrosa, on Friday (12/01) on the blog QuidiNovi, was determined by Judge Luciana Corrêa Tôrres de Oliveira, of the 2nd Court of Execution of Extrajudicial Titles, at the Federal District and Territories Court (TJDFT).
It seems you´ll anticipate your melancholic dream of living in the USA ...