Brazil: Thanks to the supportive American democratic congressmen!

Reverberates here the information that some American Democratic congressmen sought the Brazilian embassy in search of clarifications on the trial of Lula and the situation of the coup d'etat here in Brazil ... They will find nothing more than lies and infamy, unfortunately, at the embassy.
The coup d'état progresses in a terribly destructive way, in Brazil, and your solidarity is more important than ever.
I suggest contacting Senator Roberto Requião of the PMDB to obtain quality information about the coup and about the scandalous irregularities, abuses and absurdities, in Lula's trial. The senator leads a parliamentary bloc that gathers more than 220 representatives in the National Congress in defense of the constitution and the rule of law.
I suggest more that you send a delegation of observers to Lula's trial on January 24th in Porto Alegre! It is urgent and vital!
Our embrace and our deep thanks!