Brazil: the spell against the sorcerer?

More than 400 media organizations from around the world will cover Lula's trial in Porto Alegre, on january the 24th .

The judge summoned to him, in Curitiba, Paraná, the judgment of a question of Guarujá, São Paulo. Under Brazilian law, the lawsuit is void.

The judge leaked to Rede Globo of television, and this to the general public, a conversation between the president of the republic and the former president. In any serious justice the judge would be imprisoned for the rest of his life for high treason.

Another judge testifies that the apartment belongs to OAS, is under attachment, goes to auction for the benefit of creditor companies and has never been Lula's ...Moro condemned Lula in the lower court, accusing him, without proof, of having received the OAS's apartment as a bribe.
The attachment, reported by journalist Mino Pedrosa, on Friday (12/01) on the blog QuidiNovi, was determined by Judge Luciana Corrêa Tôrres de Oliveira, of the 2nd Court of Extrajudicial Titles, at the Federal District and Territories Court (TJDFT ).

Finally, with a minimum of seriousness, the second instance will annul the judgment and the process.

Moro and his "followers" are facing worldwide demoralization.

This is often the case: international piracy, always in search of large profits, without production, chooses its accomplices among the ambitious and little-known in real political dynamics.

For piracy it does not matter to win ... While the coup does not fall, it appropriates oil, more interest, more varied assets ...

The hurried and ambitious, at best, will live in Miami if justice does not reach them sooner.

But human kind is already tired of this mud, and much of America is also tired of these selfish and destructive practices and support brazilian people in our quest for peace, prosperity for all, and justice.