Brazil: Farewell to the rule of law?
Will the good people, the decent families of Brazil, the United States, the entire civilized world, allow the best and most popular president of Brazilian history to be condemned tomorrow, without any real evidence being presented?
Will this infamy be allowed, because those who control Rede Globo de Televisão (Globo TV Network) want it?
Because the same international financial piracy that nothing wants to produce, very much wants to appropriate?
The same gang who thinks that the 52% of the Union budget that already seizes is little, is few, and wants to also devour the retirement of the workers?
The same gang that made a trial judge go crazy and believe he's a superstar and can trample on the law and the constitution, destroy the national economy, and torture people through long arbitrary arrests to wipe out shameful, infamous plea bargains?
The democratic world community must make its cry of indignation and warning get to the judges of Porto Alegre, in time for the second instance trial that happens january the 24th, and arrives addicted as it seems, by the same vices!