UN representative at Lula's trial was horrified by what he witnessed!

- "An appellate court is a situation in which three judges hear arguments about whether a first judge is right or wrong. The judges today spoke for five hours reading in a script. They had the written decision before hearing any argument"

- "They never heard, then this is not a fair session, it is not an appropriate consideration of the case"

"I was in the room and I saw the chief prosecutor sitting next to the rapporteur. He made his lunch with the judges, and then he had private conversations with them. This is a totally partial stance, this simply can not happen in a court "

- "Here in Brazil you have a judge who investigates the case, defines telephone tapping and investigative actions, and then also judges the person in court. This is considered unbelievable in Europe. Impossible, because this takes the most important right of who is defending himself: to have an impartial judge in your case. "

- "Judge Moro served with pre-trial, as he was Lula's investigating judge. He demonized Lula, contributed to films and books that defamed the former president and encouraged the public to support his decision. He could never behave like this in Europe "

- "Later, he released to the press conversations caught illegally of Lula with former president Dilma Rousseff. He apologized, but immediately he should have been removed from the case. "

- "I have experience with cases of corruption and, here in this session, I have not seen evidence of corruption. It was a sad experience about the Brazilian judicial system. "

Geoffrey Robertson
Australian and British lawyer and member of the United Nations