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Housing & Development

A Convergence of Dreams: The Third Encuentro for Dignity & Against Displacement

RJ Maccani | Rebel voices from throughout the world came together in East Harlem, New York at the Third New York City Encuentro for Dignity and Against Displacement. Hosted by Movement for Justice in El Barrio (Movement), more than 200 people and 40 organizations joined the gathering. Full Story  1 Comments

Zapatista-Inspired Rally Held in New York City; Aims to Fight Gentrification

Paola Reyes | Over 120 people and 40 organizations participated in the Third Encounter for Dignity and Against Gentrification hosted by the Movement for Justice in el Barrio this past Sunday in East Harlem, New York. Full Story  4 Comments

Third NYC Encuentro for Dignity & Against Displacement

Movement for Justice in El Barrio | An invitation to: Members and families of organizations, community members, and people of good conscience, who are fighting against displacement in their communities across NYC.

From: Movement for Justice in El Barrio Full Story  2 Comments

Police Destroy Huntington Tent City, LongIsland FNB makes call for solidarity

LongIslandFNB | Urgent call to action! Police raze Huntington Station Tent City destroying the property, food and shelter of over a hundred homeless. Many face possibility of freezing to death! Full Story  2 Comments

Happy New Year, For Tenants Nothing's Changed!

Dave Crow | Unfortunately, 2009 proved for many big-city tenants that the golden rule was promiscuously traded for gold. Why would 2010 be any different? Full Story  1 Comments

Chasing JP Morgan

Alex Kane | At least 30 homeless and housing activists rallied outside the headquarters of banking giant Chase December 2 to demand that the bank utilize their ownership of vacant property in New York City to create housing for poor people and the homeless. Full Story  0 Comments

Economic Recession Comes to the Northeast Bronx

Billy Wharton | Fit for human occupation, but unfit for the greedy finance capitalists who run the banking industry. No TARP program for homeowners in the Northeast Bronx. Full Story  1 Comments

Critical Status for Brooklyn Live/Work Law. Artists Eye's are on Senator Squadron

Karl Leger | A few thousand people stand to be eventually evicted out of their spaces as a result of the non-vote on Bill S5881. But as the Senate will reconvene August 6th to deal with a backlog of bills, bill sponsor Daniel Squadron gets another chance to convince the art community that he has not turned his back. All he needs to do is to convince the Senate leadership to put the "Multiple Dwelling Amendment" on the August 6th agenda. New York's artists are holding their breath. Some even wrote letters.
Full Story  5 Comments

Coney Island Redevelopment Plan Passed

Melinda Tenenzapf | The City Planning Commission voted 12-0 on Wednesday, June 17, 2009 to approve the 3rd drafted Coney Island Redevelopment plan. Upon the first vote by Chairwoman Amanda M. Burden, union leaders and community members stood up in protest, holding signs and chanting “Good Jobs! Affordable Housing!” Full Story  1 Comments

Voices of the Other New York: Dispatch from the Second Encuentro for Dignity

Michael Gould-Wartofsky | Amid the global financial crisis, the private equity companies that once threatened to swallow up the last of Manhattan’s affordable housing stock may be on the road to mass extinction. And amid the political crisis in Albany, the politicians who promised rent reform may be on the road to nowhere. But the “Other New York” is still here and still at it, fighting for the block and the dignity of its denizens.
Full Story  5 Comments

Photos: Protest at Rent Guidelines Board Meeting (23 JUN 2009)

Andrew Hinderaker | Despite protesters calling for a rent freeze, the New York City Rent Guidelines Board voted to raise rents for about one million rent-stabilized apartments. Full Story  1 Comments

Holding on in East Harlem and Points West, North and South

Black Agenda Report | “Neoliberalism is the root cause of rampaging gentrification and displacement, from New York to New Orleans to Atenco, Mexico.” Keen observers of political-economy would agree with this assessment from Zapatista-inspired community activists in Spanish Harlem, who recently organized an “encuentro” with similar minded Black and Asian activists. All concluded that the issue is bigger than Harlem: “This displacement is created by the greed, ambition and violence of a global empire of money that seeks to take total control of all the land, labor and life on earth.” Full Story  0 Comments

Chronicle of the Second NYC Encuentro for Dignity & Against Displacement

Movement for Justice in El Barrio | This past Sunday, June 7th, 2009 in zapatista East Harlem known as El Barrio, the Second New York City Encuentro for Dignity and Against Displacement, with the participation of 38 organizations representing the resistance against neoliberalism in New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts. This second encuentro, just as the first one – held two years ago -, was inspired by the encuentros of the Zapatistas in Mexico from below and to the left, in order to get know each other and recognize one another in our struggles for a world where many worlds fit and against neoliberal exclusion.

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Tenants Lose Home Due to Landlord Neglect

Aaron Howell | Tenants living in rent-regulated apartments lost their homes two weeks ago when New York City deemed the building’s structure unsafe from a collapsing façade. Unfortunately for the tenants – who have been in homeless shelters, staying at friends and given shelter by the Red Cross – the city ordered the front facade completely removed and won’t let the tenants move back in until the owner replaces the façade, which he won't immediately do. Full Story  0 Comments

New Rules Favor Developers, Critics Charge

Gerard Flynn | Rule changes proposed by the New York City Department of Buildings in February have been slammed by critics citywide, and have raised fears that the changes could lead to a significant rise in illegal construction across the city and boroughs after they are implemented in mid-April.

The Rules of the City of New York (RCNY) guide city agencies like the Department of Buildings (DOB) when interpreting the City Charter and enforcing its laws. RCNY changes can be made by the Buildings Department without a vote from the City Council. Full Story  0 Comments

Right to the City Alliance Members Released From Central Booking

NYC IMC | According to a Picture the Homeless press release, "the last of the Right to the City Eight were released from Central Booking, after spending more than 24 hours locked up. Many thanks to all of you who turned out for this morning's press conference, or made calls to the police or the Mayor's office, or spread the word to friends and allies. The police response shows that the Mayor is vulnerable and nervous, and we need to keep the pressure up. And the PRESS response shows that people are paying attention. So stay tuned as we turn up the heat." Full Story  3 Comments

47 East Third St. Tenants Concede, Take Buyout

Steven Wishnia | Fearing that they would lose in court after evidence crucial to their case was barred, the remaining tenants of 47 East Third Street have agreed to take a buyout and move out of their building. Full Story  0 Comments

Venezuela Headlines #64

Michael Fox | Colombian Consul Removed from Venezuela for Supporting the Opposition - Suspect Arrested in the Labor Leader Assassinations - Corruption Investigation Continues Against Former Venezuelan Governor Rosales - Cemex takes Venezuela to World Bank Arbitration - Gallup Poll: Venezuelans More Satisfied Than Other Latin Americans - Venezuelan Parliament to Approve Referendum on Presidential Term Limit Full Story  0 Comments

Lets Unite to Change Peak Oil, Resource Depletion, and Over Population

Frank Gifford | There is an amazing momentum of exploitation by the United States. Peak Oil, Resource Depletion, Climate Change, and Over Population. These problems really are imminently solvable, but only if we are able to perceive them as problems. Entropy Pawsed and Peace Communities are working to unite people to help to solve these problems. Full Story  0 Comments


forwarded by Skinny John | We need people to come out for an hour once a week to work with us to build community support and give pressure to the landlord to get the residents back into their homes asap. Full Story  0 Comments

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