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NYers Carol for Leviev Boycott while Israel Jails Protesters’ Palestinian Allies

Adalah-NY | On a snowy Saturday afternoon, forty-five human rights carolers serenaded Madison Avenue shoppers with familiar holiday tunes outside the storefront of Israeli diamond and settlement mogul Lev Leviev, but their lyrics called for the boycott of Leviev’s companies. The New York protest took place against the backdrop of a growing arrest campaign by the Israeli military against Palestinian protest and boycott activists from West Bank villages where Leviev has built settlements.
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11 Organizations Demand Mets Cancel Citi Field Fundraiser for Israeli Settlers

Adalah-NY | Eleven organizations from the US, Palestine and Israel have called on baseball’s New York Mets to cancel a November 21st dinner at the Caesars Club at Citi Field for the Brooklyn-based Hebron Fund. The dinner is a fundraiser for Israeli settlers in the Israeli-occupied West Bank City of Hebron. In a letter sent to the Mets on November 3rd, the groups said, “The New York Mets will be facilitating activities that directly violate international law and the Obama administration’s call for a freeze in settlement construction, and that actively promote racial discrimination, and the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians from their homes in Hebron.” Seven hundred Israeli settlers, living amidst 150,000 Palestinians in Hebron, are expanding their hold on the historic old city by driving out the Palestinian residents.
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Activists Denounce Wellpoint Influence on Healthcare Reform, Nine Arrested

Mobilization for Healthcare for All | Today nine people were arrested outside of the corporate headquarters of Wellpoint, the largest provider of private health insurance to individuals in the country to protest their inordinate influence on the healthcare reform process. This is a part of a third wave of civil disobedience actions demanding Single-Payer Healthcare.Todays action was one of eleven taking place today. Eight more actions are expected to take place this week. Full Story  1 Comments

MPG Reacts to Offer of Support for Employees with Criminal Complaint

Industrial Workers of the World | MPG unsuccessfully attempted last week to cause the arrest of a former employee and his supporters after they visited the company to offer aid to workers concerned about more layoffs at the company without adequate notice or severance. Former MPG employee Joseph Sanchez and other members of the Industrial Workers of the World labor union discussed the availability of free legal and advocacy support for current MPG workers and distributed informational leaflets. Full Story  0 Comments

Investment Giant BlackRock Divests from Leviev’s Africa-Israel Due to Israeli Settlements

Adalah-NY | In another stunning blow to Israeli settlement-builder Lev Leviev, the Israeli business magazine Globes Online has reported that BlackRock Inc., one of the world’s largest investment management firms, has divested from Leviev’s Africa-Israel Investments. The Globes article follows a similar report by the Norwegian news service Norwatch. The move comes after a nearly two-year long global boycott campaign of Leviev’s businesses that developed in response to the billionaire’s construction activities in at least four Israeli settlements in the Occupied West Bank, all of which violate international law, and his abusive labor practices in the diamond industry in Angola and Namibia. Full Story  0 Comments

Activists occupy "bank-owned land" on 115th and Madison

homes 4 all | please forward widely:


SUPPORT ON SITE NEEDED NOW - GO TO 115th Street and Madison

This just in from people at the site (sent at 2 pm, Thursday July 23):

The police presence has increased, they need your solidarity support!

In this time of rampant evictions, one bank-owned lot has been liberated by the people and they need more allies at the lot to keep it that way.

Picture the Homeless & allies on site are putting out an urgent call for in person support today, right now! And if you can't make it now, please come by at 6 pm!

Come to the lot at 115th & Madison

1 p.m. Picture the Homeless Press Conference
3 p.m. Fabulous Picture the Homeless Fashion Show
6 p.m. SUPPORT RALLY, CONCERT, FAMILY DINNER, followed by Solidarity Slumber Party
please come, bring food to share, & sleeping bags/tents/etc to join the solidarity slumber party Full Story  4 Comments

Voices of the Other New York: Dispatch from the Second Encuentro for Dignity

Michael Gould-Wartofsky | Amid the global financial crisis, the private equity companies that once threatened to swallow up the last of Manhattan’s affordable housing stock may be on the road to mass extinction. And amid the political crisis in Albany, the politicians who promised rent reform may be on the road to nowhere. But the “Other New York” is still here and still at it, fighting for the block and the dignity of its denizens.
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Grand Jury Convened to Investigate Times Square Bike Bombing

anonymous | A Federal Grand Jury has convened in New York City, New York. It is believed this grand jury is part of a federal investigation into the bombing of the Times Square military recruitment center on March 6, 2008. Full Story  3 Comments

Israeli "Pirates" Seize and Kidnap Peace Boat for Palestine / Gaza

CHE | Today Israeli Occupation Forces attacked and boarded the Free Gaza Movement boat, the SPIRIT OF HUMANITY, abducting 21 human rights workers from 11 countries, including Noble laureate Mairead Maguire and former U.S. Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney (see below for a complete list of passengers). The passengers and crew are being forcibly dragged toward Israel.
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Broken Hearted Citizens Demand Justice

Families for Freedom | On the eve of Father’s Day, Families for Freedom’s Youth Committee held its annual vigil to raise awareness about American kids whose families are ripped apart due to the federal government’s draconian deportation policies.

Deporting Fathers in the Name of Homeland Security || Roxroy's Support Circle Blog Full Story  0 Comments

Stop Cutting Our Public Libraries

NYC Local of the Socialist Party USA | If passed, this cut will result in the loss of 943 jobs, and severe reduction of library hours. Brooklyn Public Library hours are proposed to be cut to 25 hours a week to a Monday - Friday 1pm-6pm schedule - eliminating Saturday service. These reductions would bring library operating hours to the lowest since the 1970’s. Full Story  0 Comments

Come Celebrate Inaugaration Day As New Yorkers Give Bush the Boot

Alex Kane | Drawing inspiration from Iraqi journalist Muntadar al-Zaidi, who became a hero to millions after hurling two shoes at outgoing President George W. Bush, New Yorkers plan to give Bush a “farewell kiss” by tossing shoes at a portrait of Bush painted by artist Rebecca Migdal. Full Story  7 Comments

Culpable Starbucks por Anti-Obrero

Starbucks Workers Union([general.translatedby]) | La IWW se anota una gran victoria sobre cadena global de café Full Story  0 Comments

CUNY Faculty and Staff Approve New Contract

NYC IMC/PSC CUNY | The Professional Staff Congress/CUNY, the union of 22,000 faculty and professional staff at the City University of New York, announced that its membership has ratified a new contract by a margin of 93% in a vote counted today by the American Arbitration Association. Full Story  0 Comments

Rosa Clemente accepts Vice Pres. invitation from Green candidate Cynthia McKinney

press release | VOTE FOR THE PEOPLES' TICKET - MCKINNEY/CLEMENTE! Full Story  1 Comments

Melissa Mark Viverito and Others Vote to Gentrify Harlem

Movement for Justice in El Barrio | To Our Fellow Members of the East Harlem Community,

On Wednesday, as predicted, the Council Member who is supposed to represent our district, Melissa Mark Viverito, voted in favor of the 125th Street rezoning plan despite fierce community resistance from across Harlem. Although we are not directly affected by this proposal, as Movement for Justice in El Barrio, community members of East Harlem, we are against the plans that the Council Members and city government
have to displace communities throughout Harlem. Movement for Justice in El Barrio was present to witness Melissa Mark Viverito in action at the
Chambers of the City Council.

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WHAT ABOUT KRISTEN? New York Sex Worker Organizations Respond to Spitzer Scandal

SWANK & SWOP-NYC | New York, NY - In the last few days, Governor Eliot Spitzer has publicly admitted to being associated with an escort agency and is considering resignation. As sex worker advocates, we are concerned about the representation and fate of "Kristen" and sex workers who are being thrust into the spotlight because of the investigation into the Governor. We also share the widespread concern for Governor Spitzer's family.
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Lawsuit against NYPD grows

NYCLU | The New York Times, the Association of the Bar of the City of New York and a group of 21 academics from across the country plan to file briefs in support of the New York Civil Liberties Union’s lawsuit challenging the NYPD’s refusal to disclose an electronic database detailing police stops of hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers, most of whom were black and Latino. Full Story  3 Comments

Federal Grand Jury Target Puerto Rican Independistas in New York

Puerto Rican Independence | The FBI continues its attack against the Puerto Rican independence movement, even as the White House continues to admit that Puerto Rico is a colonial territory of the US, something the independence movement has been condemning for decades... Full Story  5 Comments

Lakota nation: Alex & Debra White Plume ""Standing Silent Nation" in NYC.

IndyMediaIndigenous. | This Wednesday, October 24th Will be hosting Alex & Debra White Plume from the Lakota nation and screenings of their documentary film, "Standing Silent Nation"
Monday, October 22 – American Indian Community House – 7:00 p.m.
11 Broadway (take the 4 or 5 Train to Bowling Green ) 212-598-0100
Tuesday, October 23 – International Action Center – 7:00 p.m.
55 West 17th Street, 5th Floor, 212-633-6646 ....Kent Lebsock
917-751-4239 or
Kent Lebsock
Program Administrator
Owe Aku - Bring Back the Way
International Human Rights and Justice Program Full Story  0 Comments

Respuesta del CMI a la Muerte de Brad Will

NYC Independent Media Center([general.translatedby]) | Brad Will fue matado el 27 de octubre, 2006, en Oaxaca, México, mientras trabajando como periodista para la red global de Indymedia. A él le han tirado en el torso mientras que estaba filmando un asalto de paramilitares armadas contra le Asamblea Popular del Pueblo de Oaxaca, una fusión de maestros en huelga y otras organizaciones de la comunidad exigiendo la democracia en México.

Brad Will es el segundo periodista IMC conocido de haber sido asesinado por sus actividades políticos. Full Story  0 Comments

NYCLU releases post-RNC report

civil libertarian |

"Rights and Wrongs at the RNC: A Special Report About Police and Protest at the Republican National Convention" includes a Chronology of Major Events Leading Up to Convention; Law Enforcement Convention Tactics; Eyewitness Accounts of Police Misconduct; Recommendations; and an RNC Chronology.

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