You can send mail to the NYC IMC at

P.O. Box 1417

New York, NY 10276

Phone: 212-904-1282

Please note: You may also contact us via email, but please be aware that by default, all indymedia correspondence is public and transparent. The email addresses below are to listservs, and the archives of these listservs are publicly available on the internet and searchable by google. Therefore, please do not use an email address or include other information that you do not want to publicly available forever.

Here is the central listing of all indymedia listserv archives:

Questions about the website: If you have a question about the editorial policy, or would like to get involved, or need to report a bug, please email:

web working group
imc-nyc-web [at]

If you want to reach the general nyc imc collective about an issue unrelated to the website, please use the following address:

imc-nyc [at]