Friday 1 December 2006

Media Release: David Hicks Tally Board

From: Australians for David Hicks to come Home

Summary: Australia has 226 politicians in the Australian Parliament in Canberra. From Sunday 29 October 2006 to Friday 8 December 2006 each member will have been asked to make a Conscience Vote. Either "Yes, bring David Hicks home NOW!" or "No, leave David Hicks to the Americans!"

Results are still coming in and will be finalised on Saturday 9 December 2006 when David Hicks will have survived 5 years in the American Concentration Camp at Guantanamo Bay. Please visit 'David Hicks Tally Board' for details. Please scroll down to 'Campaign Notes' for further information.

If you can help save the life of David Hicks, then please do so.

Thank you,


Australians for David Hicks to come Home

David Hicks Tally Board

David Hicks Tally Board - mirror