"It is not, contrary to what it might appear to be, a photograph from a scene from a Marx Brothers film. It is, rather, the true history of yesterday’s session of the Mexican National Congress, the distinguished hall in Mexico City where, on Friday, according to the Constitution of the Republic, Felipe Calderón must take the oath of office and put on the presidential sash in order to legalize his status as the nation’s top executive. Not all the members of that esteemed lawmaking body are in agreement that Calderón was elected to the presidency last July 2" [photo: DR2006, La Jornada]

The following digest is from NYC Indymedia :

The Coup d'Etat in Mexico:
As a new regime prepares to seize control Dec. 1, proming a new wave of repression, the antidote is being born from below... A report by Al Giordano of Narco News

PFP expanding operations to towns surrounding Oaxaca City: The Federal Preventative Police is expanding its operations, deaths and dissapearances mount.

Mexico: A Powder Keg: On the walls of La Realidad, the base-village of the Zapatista movement deep in the Lacandona jungle, the paintings of Emilio Zapata, Che Guevara and Subcommandante Marcos have faded over the last three years.

Appo_banner Mexican government squash the popular movement in Oaxaca [es]: Human rights repression in Oaxaca

Killing in Oaxaca, a dispatch from a friend's daughter: This day will go down in local history as the most intense fighting of the movement so far. Perhaps it will go down in national history as a battle of the revolution.