I'm a person who has no criminal background!No background of violence!And I did'nt threaten anyone,or do anything crazy!I broke no laws!And did nothing wrong!But!I was arrested without a warrant!And they claimed it was based on emails from a computer that I do'nt even own!I was locked up and starved for five days!And I did nothing!I am an activist against the war,and George Bush!And I do say what I feel!But!I did'nt threaten anyone,or do anything wrong!What was done to me was very cruel and unhumane!It's a disgrace to America!It was done to me by some cops from Brookfield Illinois!They are a bunch of lieing con artists!As a mtter of fact!Most of the people who lived in that town before lets say 1976,are con artists!They like to try to control peoples lives and extort them into doing what they want!Even if they moved from that area since them they are probably still involved in what is like a sick in the head cult!They always act like their trying to help to make themselves look innocent!But their not!