Multiple choice (the brazilian way)...

Who is he?

1. He worked hard, next to the National Congress, to approve the suppression of any control printed by the electronic ballot boxes. Brazilian elections simply can't be checked.

2. He irregularally annulled the threshold that suspended the sixth round of licitation of Brazilian oil, guaranteeing the alienation of 3,3 billion barrels for approximately 1/500 of its value of market.

3. He revoked, in practical, the law of usury, from years 30, by “forgetting” in a drawer, the papers that characterized as unconstitutional the provisional decree, that in the year 2000, authorizeed interests on interests on consumers financings.

4. He is always candidate to something…

( ) Britney Spears.

( ) Catherine Deneuve (Brigitte Bardot?).

( ) Gardel (andá cantarle a...)

( ) Joãozinho Trinta.

(X) Other.