Indymedia-Italy, after 6 years since its birth, needs to rethink it's method of being the media, and to do that it needs silence, to be quiet, and needs to restart without the web and to widen the discussion 360 degrees.

Indymedia was born from the streets and from the piazza, places that have found space on the different parts of the site: the newswire the center column, the thematic categories, the original reports, but also on the forum and the mailing-list.

Through it all, Indymedia has always maintained its nature of a local/global network that now returns to the streets and to the piazzas to close the circle.

With the passing of the years people and tools entered into conflict, and the most revealing case was right there on the newswire, the area of open publication, direct and without filters (concepts at the bottom of open publishing), and around that you could find constant arguments about what was hidden and why, about the publications of photos or films that show the faces of people or their personal data.

The mailing-lists also entered into crisis, between scarce participation and/or difficulty in the discussions, and the search for consensus, or what is really the harmonization of different positions and undercurrents, it became increasingly difficult.

All of this was the subject of continued reflection because self-criticism forces us to put ourselves (again) in discussion, as always, but the background noise is deafening and so there needs to be silence. It is a way to be able to listen, to observe, to consider, and to concentrate all the energy on the ideas that otherwise would risk being submerged. The silence is useful for this. Of energy and ideas, let's talk about them together, starting from scratch.

Indymedia Italy closes to start over again.