Goodyear Strikers Roll Over NASCAR Banquet
Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney, NYC Central Labor
Council Executive Dir. Ed Ott, National Labor Committee
Executive Dir. Charlie Kernaghan and Goodyear Strikers

Hundreds of supporters joined 20 Goodyear strikers to protest Goodyear
receiving an award at the NASCAR Banquet held at the swank Waldorf
Astoria Hotel. Goodyear, the sole supplier of tires for NASCAR, forced
15,000 USW members in 16 North American plants out on strike on
October 5. Due to past sacrifices by the workers, Goodyear profits
reached a half a billion dollars in 2005. Proving that greed has no bounds,
now Goodyear is insisting on additional plant closings sending more jobs
overseas. It is also demanding concessions in this round of bargaining
including health care givebacks by retirees & dramatically lower starting
salaries for new hires.
Results of the First Presidential Election in Venezuelan Since 2000:
A Discussion on Democracy and CIA Destabilization Attempts
Michael Fox, Journalist living in Venezuela and staff writer

Finally, a year of anticipation about Venezuela’s 2006 presidential election is
about to come to an end. For Chavez supporters the campaign included some
surprises, while for many anti-Chavistas it will probably end as was to be
expected. We’ll examine whether the reelection campaign really mobilized the
grassroots in an organized fashion, whether the Chavez opposition will accept
the vote and how Venezuelan politics have matured in this eighth year of
Chavez’s presidency. Then with a new CIA chief in place for the area we’ll
examine U.S. attempts at destabilization of the country.
A Report from El Salvador’s Youth Movement Against Police Repression
Jose Oswaldo Nataran, student leader with the FURD, El Salvador

Nataran joins Building Bridges for a discussion of the repression and human
rights abuses in El Salvador which he claims parallel the climate in which
Jesuits were murdered in El Salvador seventeen years ago. We’ll look at the
politically motivated assassinations, the lack of investigation by the government,
and the role of the U.S. in creating spaces for training, torture and repression in
Latin America. Meanwhile thousands continue to organize against CAFTA ,
water privitization and other neoliberal policies.
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