THE INTERNATIONALE, Peter Miller's award-winning film about the anthem of the left, is finally available on DVD.

THE INTERNATIONALE is an award-winning documentary about idealism and social change. It tells people's stories about the emotionally-charged anthem "The Internationale," which has been sung in hundreds of languages around the world as a song of hope and change. The film features stories and performances by Pete Seeger, Billy Bragg, Dorothy Healey, and people from China, the Philippines, Russia, and elsewhere. Through the story of a song, the film explores the importance of ideals, the fate of the left, and the power of music as a force for change.

"A tour de force. It tells us something important about the history of the twentieth century as it was lived by millions of committed, enthusiastic, idealistic men and women. It also tells us something about the suffering inflicted in the name of that vision. A truly moving film." - Political Communication

"What comes most clearly into focus as a result of Miller's keen vision is a view of "The Internationale" as a song at once tangible and transcendent, specific and universal, and, like all enduring cultural forms, perpetually relevant despite the vagaries of history." - Film & History

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