NYC Police Are Out Of Control! City-Wide Demonstration [at] NYPD Headquarters One Police Plaza, Downtown NYC, Wednesday, December 6, 2006 at 4:30pm

New York - The November 25th NYPD 50 bullet fusillade, resulting in the murder of unarmed Sean Bell, underscores the urgent need for a fundamental change in the NYC police department. The New York City Police Department has escalated its aggression toward the Black community across the city. Community leaders are mobilizing a grassroots resistance movement to demand Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly rein in their rabid police force.

"Petty incidents like sitting on your front porch; or drinking an open beer or playing your music too loud in your yard at a family barbeque are treated like acts of terrorism. Swarms of police descend on the hapless victim and the situation quickly escalates to police brutality, false arrests and imprisonment," said Kamau Brown of Bedford Stuyvesant. "It`s happening all over the city. We have to back them up and the only way we can is to mobilize and organize against it together. One by one we can`t win, but together we can."

The December 12th Movement, a human rights organization, will lead a protest rally to "Resist Fascism and the Rise of the American Police State," on Wednesday, December 6, 2006 at 4:30pm at NYPD Headquarters - One Police Plaza, Downtown NYC. Community activists, elected officials, and grassroots community residents will speak out about what is happening `on the ground` in the domestic war zone.

The issues on the agenda include the police profiling of Black youth; NYPD / Homeland Security occupation of the Black community; police aggression, harassment and overkill, as well as President Bush's assault on Habeas Corpus; the erosion of civil rights; and Iraq war for oil.

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