On November 25th, five undercover NYPD officers, while not identifying themselves, surrounded the car of Sean Bell, Joseph Guzman, and Trent Benefield. They then proceeded to unload 50 bullets into the car, killing Sean Bell, and critically injuring his friends Joseph and Trent. The three were unarmed. Sean was going to be married the next day. This was not an accident, it was an execution. Instead of apologies, the NYPD has responded with a racist withchunt for a mythical "4th man". WE NEED TO FIGHT FOR JUSTICE!

But we won't get it by letting mayor Michael Bloomberg and Police Commissioner Ray Kelly have their way. The officers involved should go to jail. Ray Kelly should be fired. But even more, we need to rebuild a movement against racism, police brutality, and the criminal INjustice system.

Come to this meeting to voice your outrage, share your own stories and ideas, and discuss what it will take to fight back and win.

Sponsored by the International Socialist Organization.
Call 656-554-8592 or email  seanpetty@gmail.com for more information