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Daniel McGowan

Daniel McGowan

There will be two events in New York City on December 7th to support our friend and fellow organizer, Daniel McGowan. These events are part of the December 7th International Day of Solidarity with Green Scare Targets & Political Prisoners.

You can also get raffle tickets now until the 7th. Get more raffle information here.
Download flyer 1 and flyer 2

12 - 2 PM Rally in Solidarity with Daniel McGowan, Foley Square, Manhattan.
6:30 PM Dinner and a Movie for Daniel Benefit, Time's Up!

Lunchtime Rally:
We will hold a lunch time rally to show our support for Daniel in Foley Square on the one-year anniversary of his arrest. Please come on your lunch break, and bring your friends!

Heidi Boghosian, Executive director of the National Lawyers Guild
Rachel Meeropol, Staff attorney at Center for Constitutional Rights
Ashanti Alston, Co-chair of the National Jericho Movement
Tim Doody from Family and Friends of Daniel McGowan

Endorsed by: National Lawyers Guild-National Office, National Lawyers Guild-NYC Chapter, Jericho Movement-New York Chapter, National Jericho Movement, Times Up!, Center for Constitutional Rights, NYC War Resisters League, NYC Students for a Democratic Society, , Wetlands Activism Collective, Resistance in Brooklyn, New York Metro Alliance of Anarchists (NYMAA), Peoples Law Collective, NYC Industrial Workers of the World and Friends of Brad Will.

Dinner & A Movie:
In the evening, Friends & Family will be hosting dinner and a movie benefit for Daniel at Time's Up! We will have dinner at 6:30, followed by an 8pm screening of The Lorax and Raccoon War. There will also be a raffle with lots of nifty prizes and plenty of information on Daniel and other targets of the Green Scare. Suggested donation: $10; proceeds to benefit Daniel's legal defense.

This should be a fun, informative day. We know that folks in New York have been incredibly supportive of Daniel, and we hope to see you on the 7th to help continue to build that support.

Directions to Time's Up!:
Time's Up is located at 49 E Houston St., between Mott and Mulberry. Take the 6 train to Bleecker St. or the B/D/F/V to Broadway/Lafayette and walk about one block east on Houston.

Directions to Foley Square:
Rally at Foley Square, (Court district near Lafayette, Centre, Duane & Pearl Sts), 4/5/6 to Bkn Bridge-City Hall, J/M/Z to Chambers St, N/Q/R/W to Canal).

The Lorax:
A young boy goes to meet a ruined industrialist in a treeless wasteland and hear his tale of what happened to him. His tragic story is about how he began a thriving business with a useless fashion product derived from the trees of a forest. As his business booms, the forest and its inhabitants suffer as he wantonly clearcuts without regard to the warnings of a wise old creature called the Lorax about the dire consequences of his greed.

Pom Poko
As the human city development encroaches on the raccoon population's forest and meadow habitat, the raccoons find themselves faced with the very real possibility of extinction. In response, the raccoons engage in a desperate struggle to stop the construction and preserve their home.

The Family and Friends of Daniel McGowan is pleased to announce the "Don't Be Scared of Green Stuff" RAFFLE!

Download raffle flyer

The raffle will be held at the Dinner & Movie Night for Daniel.

Tickets are $3 each or 2 for $5 You do not need to be present to win!
Tickets are now available for purchase at Bluestockings Books [172 Allen Street] and other radical events throughout the city as well as any events Family and Friends of Daniel McGowan table at.

* Bluestockings Membership & $50 Gift Certificate
* A Dozen Vegan Cupcakes
* A Handbuilt Bike by Freegan Bike Repair
* A Free Dinner at FoodSwings

* A Fun Sparkly Hand-Crocheted Scarf
* Subscriptions to $pread Magazine
* Michael Franti & Spearhead's new CD "Yell Fire!"
* $800 in Website/Blog Design from
* Beautiful Art Work By KristineV, GoreB, Dennis McNett, David Lester, Lydia Crumbley, Molly Fair, Doug Minkler & More

* Vegan Double Chocolate Cake
* Book Thug Nation $10 Gift Certificates
* A Surprise from the Kwazulu-Natal Society of Arts* Subscriptions to Fifth Estate
* Lovely Silkscreened T-Shirts
* Astrology Chart Reading* Books from AK Press, Black & Red & Eberhardt Press

* A Surprise Basket of Delcious Vegan Treats
* One hour of Swedish or Shiatsu Massage & More!!!