Mr. President Luís Inácio Lula Da Silva,

Brazilian Citizens for a Democratic Society comes publicly thank you for the cancellation of the eighth round of licitation of Brazilian oil, decurrent of action of the representative of the PT of Paraná State, Clair da Flora Martins, respected for justice and that hindered the ANP from alienating by vile price new billions of barrels of precious and strategical material. We remember with weighing and constaint, that in the sixth round, the country lost about 3,3 billion barrels, for which got less than 1/500 of its value of market.

Our entity will be remained in the half-anonymity until Your Honor obtains to win in your efforts in the direction of suppressing the sad brazilian tradition of political murder and the shady practical of political persecution, led to effect, unfortunately, even for governmental bodies, but not only for these.

We make public our enthusiastic support to Mr. Vice-presidente of the republic, entrepreneur Jose Alencar, for the initiative to consider the magnifying and the democratization of COPOM ( Monetary Politics Council ).

Brazilian entrepreneurs, workers and unemployeds, we need workmanships, projects and initiatives that multiply chances, wages, jobs and businesses, and this will not happen in desirable speed while the Union to spend, as in the year of 2006, 490 billion Reals (U.S.$, 00) with a presumpted financing of the internal debt next to bankers, that not only is unnecessary (as the proper numbers demonstrate), as it drains all the capacity of investment of the Brazilian society.

Say "it's enough", Mr. president! It is evident that the federal taxes collection is more than enough, being only necessary to lock up this money market ( introduced by FHC ) of “financing” of the internal debt and to take to the knowledge of the Brazilian society who had been the smart guys that had pocketed this absurd cipher in the year that passed.

To the time when we one more time congratulate Your Honor for the democratic and deserved conquest of your second mandate, we ask for that Your Honor demands of the Supreme Federal Court that finally delivers the judgment of the unconstitutionality of the MP signed in 2000 by the satanic Mr. FHC, restrained at SFC per 6 incredible years, while our poor and diligent population moans under the unconstitutional collection of scandalous interests on interests in the consumer financings.

Desiring to Your Honor and to your family a happy Christmas, we use to advantage for request that Your Honor order to introduce back next to the Brazilian electronic ballot boxes the voucher impression that allows that the votings are checked democraticaly by the interested parties, sweeping down the carpet of history the permanent suspicion that today stains our international image.

Desiring to You Honor and to your family also a prosperous New Year, we request you order to investigate with more severity the attempts of persuasion taken effect next to the judiciary and to the legislative, as the one promoted for FEBRABAN, in sophisticated Resorts of Comandatuba, at the holiday of our independence and that Your Honor legislate in the direction of that the concessionaires of the Brazilian state, “proprietors” of the “great mass media” are obliged to also yield some space to other chains of information and of communication that not only their proper ones.

Sure that 2007 will be the year of the strategical planning of Brazilian oil and of moralizing of ours economic policy, we desire success to Your Honor in your second mandate at the front of the Brazilian public thing.

Yours truly,

Augusto César Revoredo.

Brazilian Citizens for a Democratic Society.