Rally today, Wednesday Dec. 6, Police Headquaters, One Police Plaza, 4:30 PM.
For more info call 212-603-3704.

On Nov. 25, Sean Bell was to be wed. Upon leaving his a bachelor party with two other friends, Sean Bell and his two friends had 50 bullets pumped into his car by the NYPD. Sean Bell died shortly after, while his two friends survived multiple gun shot wounds. The police have offered obscure reasoning for the tragic incident that took the life of a very good young man, and father. Despite multiple serious incidents of improper police procedure in the case, including a prohibition of shooting at a moving vehicle, the police have instead funneled intensive resources into justifying their actions and in incriminating the victims. Excessive and abusive police practical policy is consistent with patterns that have taken the lives of other minorities, within minority neighorhoods. This does not quantify the numerous minor yet serious unreported incidents that plague the NYPD. The agency in charge of investigating and aiding in correcting such events, The New York City Complaint Review Board (CCRB) has proved itself to be a terminally lame duck association. The CCRB, reporting on the Tompkins Square Park beatings of the NYPD of 1988, wrote of the NYPD ""there is no evidence that any effort was made to limit the use of force. . . . Force was used for its own sake." This prevailing trait is accentuated with the prevailing racist and sexist overtowns embodies by a core of its staff. The police formally institutionalized many of their anti-constitutional tactics with the suppression of the RNC and anti-war protests.

More rallies in the works for more info see;  http://www.nationalactionnetwork.net/html/chapters.html#newyork