At the December 6th rally downtown, people came out to voice outrage over the murder of Sean Bell, the near deadly assault on Joseph Guzman and Terrence Benefield, and the now routine police cover-up and calls for calm. The crowd was vehement and diverse, with elected officials, activists, and the community out to demand a change "or else." The analysis wasn't limited to simple outrage: speakers talked about the history of racist police violence in the city, the relationship between the NYPD, Iraq, and Oaxaca, and called for the ouster of top cop, and mayoral hopeful, Kelly.

Amidst calls to stay out in the streets and to get Kelly gone, the organizers of the event put out the call: Shut Down Wall Street on Friday, December 22nd. With the Democrats making it clear that they don't intend to halt the war and the police apparatus acting with no independent oversight, it is high time for the other activist poles in the community to ask ourselves where we stand. What will the direct actionistas who shut down the Mexican Consulate over the police murder of our comrade do on December 22nd? Where will the permanently harassed Critical Massers ride on Black Friday? From NYMAA to collectives spread far and wide, there are radical activists spread thin across this city. Is it time for us to come together?

Too often, in offline conversations and online forums, when other groups come up, we revert to nitpicking and surgical critiques. We express camaraderie, but eschew working together, because the other group, is communists, or liberals, or anarchists, or black nationalists. We have to recall that the strongest Solidarity is always an action, never a word.

We have a call for action in front of us. Will the Left community respond?