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Andy Stepanian

Andy Stepanian

Daniel McGowan

Daniel McGowan

Benefit show for targets of the Green Scare!

Friday, December 8th

Doors at 8:30pm, bands at 9pm, DJ after!

DUMBA Arts Collective
57 Jay Street, Brooklyn, NY
F to York, down the hill towards the water 2 blocks
For more directions, call DUMBA at (718) 858-4886

Featuring... Indaculture! - Rockaway, NY's reggae, rock and jamband sensation
Rude Mechanical Orchestra! - Radical Marching Band
Brownbird Rudy Relic! - Acoustic Holler-Blues
Darren Deicide! - Bluesy Punk Roots Music
and Casa De Chihuahua! - Old-Timey Punk

$5 at the door
(Suggested donation, no one turned away for lack of funds, but, c'mon, it's to support prisoners and indictees!)
Cheap beer, wine, hot cider and vegan treats!

Learn about the Green Scare and the individuals targeted by this new effort to criminalize dissent from speakers and at information tables, and, because prison is a lonely place, write to prisoners at a letter writing station!

One year after... December 7, 2006 is the one-year anniversary of the FBI’s first arrests in “Operation Backfire,” a multi-state sweep targeting radical environmental activists with charges of conspiracy and arson, threatening them with life in prison. Join us for this weekend of solidarity with those targeted by the Green Scare – a term that refers to the current systematic criminalization of dissent, reminiscent of the Red Scares of the early twentieth century.

Proceeds from the show go to benefit the legal funds for our two local targets of the Green Scare, Daniel McGowan and Andy Stepanian.

Daniel McGowan is an environmental and social justice activist. He was charged in federal court on many counts of arson, property destruction and conspiracy, all relating to two incidents in Oregon in 2001. Until recently, Daniel was offered two choices by the government: cooperate by informing on other people, or go to trial and face life in prison. His only real option was to plead not guilty until he could reach a resolution of the case that permitted him to honor his principles. Now, as a result of months of litigation and negotiation, Daniel was able to admit to his role in these two incidents, while not implicating or identifying any other people who might have been involved. The government will seek a sentence of eight years, while Daniel's lawyers will seek a sentence of no more than 63 months.

Andy Stepanian is an activist from Long Island, NY. He recently began serving a three year federal prison sentence stemming from animal rights related causes. He is one of the SHAC7, 6 activists and a corporation, Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty USA Inc., that have been found guilty of multiple federal felonies for their alleged role in simply campaigning to close down the notorious animal testing lab, Huntingdon Life Sciences. They are not accused of actually smashing windows, liberating animals or even attending demonstrations, rather reporting on and ecouraging others to engage in legal demonstrations and supporting the ideology of direct action. Andy and his co-defendants are beginning the appeals process and need your support!

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