Day of solidarity with the Tupinikim/Guarani of Brazil

Tuesday, December 12, 2006
Noon – 2pm
Demonstration in front of the Brazilian Consulate
1185 Avenue of the Americas @ 46th Street

The Tupinikim and Guarani indigenous peoples of Brazil’s Atlantic Coast have been dispossessed of their traditional lands. In the 1960’s, a large paper company, Aracruz Celulose, moved in, clearing their land for large-scale eucalyptus plantations. Since then, the Tupinikim and Guarani have been fighting to regain their ancestral lands, in the face of strong opposition and intimidation from the company. They are currently pursuing a lengthy legal battle based on their rights guaranteed by the Constitution. December 12 marks the 3-month deadline set by the Brazilian Minister of Justice for a decision on their land rights case. Join us in calling on the Brazilian government to respect the rights of indigenous peoples by restoring and protecting the lands of the Tupinikim and Guarani.

For more information: (in Portuguese).

Sponsor list in formation. Actions are taking place in Germany, Norway, Netherlands and Brazil.