Part of email from Ann Shirazi:

Dear Friends: I am writing to ask you to please try to come to the trial of Medea Benjamin, Cindy Sheehan, Rev. Patricia Ackerman and Missie Beattie on Monday December 11. This is an urgent call. All week, very few supporters have come. It has been an interesting trial with excellent defense lawyers and embarrassing prosecutors. Lots of lying cops and a videotape or two. Nevertheless, what should have been a no-brainer has become something else. The jury was out all afternoon and did not return a verdict. If they are convicted, Rev Ackerman will lose her job, educating prisoners
at Sing-Sing, and the struggle to keep the right of dissent lessened even more. Veteran attorneys tell us that a crowded courtroom makes a huge difference in the decisions of the judge and jury. Please come out Monday morning before 9:30--the jury will see you before they leave again to finish deliberations. Please let them see that there is massive support for these terrific women-the lawyer alluded to it but the empty courtroom said something else to the jury.
Let's turn that around first thing in the morning!

Monday, December 11
100 Centre Street at Leonard
Room 1523
be there at 9 or 9:15-there is a line at the machines
1 to Franklin/ 2,3, A to Chambers/ 4-5-6-N-R-W to City Hall
Even if you can stay only for a half hour, it will be helpful.