I am Gerasimos Kiriakopoulos.

I am incarcerated in Koridallos Prison, accused of participating in violent episodes on May 6 during the 4th European Social Forum.

A few facts regarding my case:

On the afternoon of May 6 in Thiseio - where no violent activities occurred - six riot police arrested six people, blindly and without cause. One of these people was myself.
As they arrested me without reason, I believed that it was just on grounds of suspicion - in view of the general climate of that day. But, as you can see in my writing you this letter, things didn't turn out that way.

Later, taken to police headquarters upon no grounds, upon no evidence, the police gave me a declaration to sign - that contained a mountain of charges. In order for the police to support these charges, they naturally stated in the six identical indictments that the arrests hadn't taken place in Thiseio but rather in Monastiraki Square where violent episodes had taken place, and presented us as being the group that had carried these out.

Thus, upon no valid grounds I later went through interrogation proceedings where I was charged with serious felonies such as attempted murder and supply and possession of 50 explosives, - and without my being an escaped suspect or having been accused of such activities in the past (and how could I have been?) I was taken into custody. So I am incarcerated in Koridallos Prison upon no valid grounds whatsoever and facing serious charges. Consequently, all my applications for release have been rejected, and I am still held in prison upon false grounds.

I have questioned and I have wondered how I, a simple person, can prove my innocence in contradiction to the invalid police charges, without having any proof to offer other than my word. Indeed I cannot. And recognizing this fact and having no other way, therefore, to confront all these false accusations, and knowing that - beyond my serious health problems (a ruptured kidney and spleen) - my life could become endangered, I am beginning a hunger strike in protest at the false charges brought against me, and asking for my immediate release until my case stands trial.

Gerasimos Kiriakopoulos


Having been incarcerated behind bars and cement for the last six and a half months in Koridallos Prison, I ascertain that they have managed to imprison my body only. All else that is true and free I have managed to keep intact.

I am held hostage by the State because I had decided to participate in a protest demonstration. The system was seeking to find scapegoats in order to promote an image of control and administration of justice. The system's corruption appeared in its full majesty since, from the very beginning, there were inaccuracies and inconsistencies in the police reports which, in succession, were necessarily modified when presented to the magistrate. Of course alterations, in combination with other pretexts that the interrogation set as the issue, served to delay my case so that the decision would be influenced by the six-month committee, and lead to my further imprisonment. How, indeed, could any judgment be valid that employed methods of deception and distortion of facts when there was no valid evidence against me.

Hemmed in by all possible choices, led to a dead-end, having endured the continuing injustice against my deepest being, I continue my struggle with whatever means I have left.

If they imagine that by imprisoning me they have subjugated my passion for freedom then they are laughable. In my attempt to heighten the contradictions of a decadent system and to demonstrate its totalitarian character, I shall cease to give them the right to determine my body - as it is the only thing that they possess of me, I shall convert it into a form of struggle against them for the purpose of my release.

Thus I have been on hunger strike since Wednesday November 29, and I ask for the immediate and unconditional release of myself and my co-defendants, the dropping of all charges and the closing of our cases. I shall not allow them to use freedom as a tool in their legal and political games. My struggle, however, will be a difficult one and will need the support and solidarity of people who are outside these walls and who support my struggle.

Consciences are not subjugated, are not incarcerated, are not directed.

Tarasios Zantorozni
C wing of Koridallos Prison