Brown: (adj.) between red and yellow in color; having a color that varies between red and yellow, and can range from light to dark, such as that of wood or soil*

Paper: (n.) thin flat material from wood or pulp; a thin material consisting of flat sheets, made from pulped wood, cloth, or fiber, used for various purposes, for example, for writing and printing on, for wrapping things in, or for covering walls*

Bag: (n.) a portable container made of fabric, leather, paper, or plastic in a wide variety of sizes, opening at one end and used mainly for packaging or carrying merchandise; a portable container made of strong flexible material for carrying somebody’s belongings or equipment* (slang) a small quantity of an illegal drug in a piece of folded paper, a plastic bag, or a similar container*

* Encarta Dictionary: English

Known for its many different uses, from storage to defining social class, Brown Paper Bags delves into the many uses of a brown paper bag in the black community. Set in the boroughs of New York City, a series of interconnected dramas unfold, linking various peoples to a brown paper bag. Spanning twenty four hours, the audience will explore its many facets.

Run Time: 15 Minute Short


Rodney is released from prison only to find himself in desperate need of an income; legal or illegal. Rodney’s journey includes an encounter with a fiend as well as a street hustler. Used as storage, the main character, the brown paper bag, is included in the drug transactions.

Tamika must confront an age old dilemma faced by her twelve year old daughter. Her daughter is nearly banned from entering based upon her skin tone. Compared to a brown paper bag, Tamika is appalled to hear what her daughter learned in school.

Rodissa resourcefully uses the brown paper bag to help assist her best friend and also as a disguise when she is intimately involved.

Diane instantly adjusts to her new found social status. A life changing career move has allowed her to quickly climb the corporate ladder. Diane is aghast when she realizes racism exists within her own kind.


Ephraim “Fetti†Benton- (Rodney)

With over twelve years of acting experience on both the small and big screen, Benton has recently taken a lead roll behind the scenes as well. Appearances on such television dramas as Law and Order, NYPD Blue, and the Sopranos, comedy programming including the Chappelle’s Show, and film roles in projects including Baby Boy, Anne B. Real and Prison Song; Benton’s appetite for becoming a driving force in Hollywood has only been enhanced. “It’s more than just a bag, it’s a necessity,†says Benton of goals to become a triple threat in the entertainment industry. Benton’s direction, production, and composure of Brown Paper Bags results in an “amuse bouche†leaving viewers wanting more. Ephraim “Fetti†Benton’s upcoming roles in next years much anticipated films, American Gangster and Underdog will only add to his growing presence in Hollywood. Brown Paper Bags is a sample of projects that will draw the audience in and strike raw emotions, soon to come from Benton.

Alfonso Christian Lover- (The Dealer)

A multi-talented, multi-tasking industry insider, Lover’s entertainment credentials continue to grow. With recent appearances on such television programs as Third Watch, The Chris Rock Show, Saturday Night Live and a recurring role on HBO’s The Wire as “Ole Face Andre;†Lover still has managed to head a writing team, The Machines, as well as a music production company, Strings & Keys alongside his business partner, Cecil Sanchez.

Fly Williams III- (The Fiend)

Recently concluding his work on Liberty Kid, a much anticipated independent film, Williams has been featured in such television programs as Third Watch, Law and Order Conviction. His resume also includes a role alongside Sammuel L. Jackson in Freedomland and Finding Forester starring Sean Connery. No stranger to the spotlight, Williams is the son of basketball great James ‘Fly†Williams. With his growing star in Hollywood, Williams is sure to become a legend all his own.

Afiya Leslay “Venne, Vetti, Viciâ€- (Diane)

With a passion for the arts planted at a young age, Leslay has nursed her love of music and theater nearly all of her life. Born into a musically inclined family, her vocal talents were first to shine through, with acting racing at it heels. Showcasing her unique voice through the years in choral groups such as the New York Peoples Chorus, Metro Mass Choir and McDonalds Gospel Choir, she coupled her strong vocals with her theatrical talents by performing in such Off-Broadway productions as A Midsummer Nights Dream and Odette’s Children. With dreams of recognition in the future, Leslay’s debut on the big screen in Brown Paper Bags is sure to open the flood gates to a promising future in entertainment.


“I grew tired of waiting for things to happen and called on some friendly associates that were all in the same boat. People I knew who were serious, skilled, creative, energetic, dependable, trustworthy, dedicated, optimistic and willing to sacrifice, came together to make this project happen.†- Ephraim Benton

Established in 2001, Conglomorate Productions was established in an effort to bring audiences true life through the big screen. Focusing on urban life the thoughtfulness and attention given to each production evokes emotion and results in mainstream appeal. All Conglomerate Productions projects are handled domestically. With its lean structure and entrepreneurial approach, and alternative marketing and PR, Conglomerate Productions is poised for growth as a premier production company.

Conglomorate Productions

2728 Broadway #2c

New York, NY 10025


Director and Producer File

Brown Paper Bags

Ephraim “Fetti†Benton

Director/Executive Producer/Writer

Cory Brice

Executive Producer/ Cinematographer/Editor

Delancey Birzin

Imani T. McDonald


The Big Screen:

On Thursday, December 21st, the cast and crew of Brown Paper Bags, alongside special invited guests and media will join in the official screening of this much anticipated production. Set to be held in New York City’s trendy White Rabbit venue, guests will experience first hand the many facets, uses and definitions of a brown paper bag, learning its misconceptions and stereotypes. This New York screening will be the first of many. With plans for submission into some of the most publicized film festivals, Brown Paper Bags is sure to impact audiences throughout.

Upcoming Film Festival Submissions Include:

San Francisco International Festivals of Short Films,
2007 Boston Motion Pictures Awards,
AFI Dallas International Film Festival,
Canadian Film Centre's Worldwide Shortsfest,
Gen Art Film,
Hollywood Black Film Festival,
CineVegas International Film Festival,
Moondance International Films,
Tribeca Film Festival,
Palm Beach International Film Festival,
Urbanworld Vibe Film Festivals,
Black Acapulco Film Festival
Roof Top Series Festival,
Atlanta Film Festival,
Aspen Shortsfest

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