Where’s The Justice, The Shooting of Sean Bell,
It’s Deja Vu All Over Again
Peter Neufeld, civil rights attorney, co-founder of the Innocence
Project, and attorney for Abna Louima

Saturday, November 25, 2006 at 4 a.m. police fired 50 shots at three
unarmed Black men killing Sean Bell on his wedding day & wounding
his friends Joseph Guzman & Trent Benefield. As police continue to
profile and kill young Black & Latino men, and spread disinformation
to a willing press to demonize the victims and deflect from their own
culpability we’ll be joined by one of the most prominent civil rights
attorneys in the nation, Peter Neufeld to deconstruct the broken
criminal justice system when it comes to prosecuting police violence
against people of color.
Lights, Cameras, & No Action: The Film Industry Says No To
Unionization of Parking Production Assistants & Coordinators
Jon Johnson, Parking Production Assistant and Ted Feng,
organizer, UAW

Parking Production Assistants and Coordinators, primarily people of
color- Caribbean, African-American, Latino, and Asian are currently
working on major prime time television productions, over a dozen
feature films and numerous commercial production jobs in New York.
These profitable production companies, such as NBC Universal which
produces “Law and Order” and the new hit TV show “30 Rock” also
benefit from publicly funded tax breaks.So why don’t they repay our
communities for that benefit by recognizing the rights of the Parking
Assistants and Coordinators to unionize?
Universal Health Care – The Time Has Come
With Representative John Conyers, Jr.

Speaking before a packed audience at an recent forum sponsored by
the NY Metro Chapter of the Physicians for a National Health Program,
Representative Conyers emphasized that with the Democratic control
of Congress, now is the time to redouble our efforts for the passage of
HR 676 legislating universal health insurance – Medicare for All. Not
a week goes by that we don’t hear about cutbacks caused by the rising
cost of health insurance or the growing number of the uninsured. And
not a week goes by that we do not hear about a new union endorsing
the Conyers single payer health insurance bill which would save at
least $150 billion annually by eliminating the profits & high overhead
of the insurance industry. In his speech and in an interview with
Building Bridges, Conyers also talked about the War on Iraq, civil
liberties, impeachment of the President, immigration and lessons to
be learned from the legacy of Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr..
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