Last Thursday at 3 PM Andy Vega, 6 year old boy, was hit and killed by a truck running a red light as he crossed the street at 3rd Avenue and 46th St. in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. Several witnesses talked to the press about the driver running through the red light. Nonetheless, according to news accounts in the NY Times and Daily News, when the police arrived they gave the truck driver a breatholyzer test and then released him.

This child did nothing wrong. He was crossing the street with his older brother and babysitter, and they had the light.

The parents of this child are from the Dominican Republic and needed an interpreter to speak to reporters. Of course this family is destroyed. He was killed two days before his birthday and now instead they are having his funeral.
I live in this neighborhood and remember four years ago when a drunk off duty cop hit a family on the same street, killing a pregnant woman and a young child.

The Spanish TV news has covered the community complaining that the driver is not being charged. I am going to write a few letters to the governor, the mayor, community board etc to complain about this too and to question why a school is placed so close to an avenue that is huge and attracts heavy vehicular traffic. I think there is not such a big outrage about this because of the language barrier as this community is mostly immigrant Latino, both legal and otherwise. Please support this family and community by writing to the mayor's and governor's office, and the Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz. At the very least the driver should be arrested and charged with breaking the law which is exactly what he did, and there should crossing guards or police stationed where the kids are crossing the street before and after school

This is sending a message to drivers that the people in this community can be regarded as human road kill and will encourage more reckless behavior.