The Times Union yesterday morning:Even a governor with a strong mandate will not be able to convince legislators to change their internal rules. Patronage, endorsements, photo-ops and other traditional tools a governor has will not suffice.We agree that it will take more than a reform-minded governor to convince legislators to change their ways. That’s why it’s crucial that we keep our legislators’ feet to the fire by calling and demanding that they create a more responsive, deliberative, accessible, accountable, and efficient Legislature. Ask your senator or Assembly member to support a resolution that makes the following rules changes:

  • Strengthen the committee process by creating mechanisms to force hearings and votes on bills;
  • End the stranglehold that leadership has over bills getting the floor by creating a mechanism for rank-and-file members to force floor votes;
  • Institutionalizing conference committees; and
  • Ending leadership control over the resources and staff available to members and committees.

You can find your senator here and your Assembly member here.

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