Augosto Pinochet died yesterday, despised by the people of Chile and the world for his trail of torture, repression and service to capitalism as military dictator.

Lesson #1: All tyrants die, but they don't take tyranny with them.

Lesson #2: The state is not neutral. When the popular front leader Salvador Allende was elected president of Chile (in the prototype of a "peaceful revolution,") Pinochet was the tool for a US-engineered coup d'etat on September 11, 1973. Allende was more afraid of the people than he was of the military, and by refusing to arm the workers of Chile – they were left defenseless when the terror came. Allende was among the first to die, but thousands were killed, mutilated, raped and dissappeared in the coming years. The best of the generation were cut down or driven into exile. It was a blow that the revolutionary movements of the Southern Cone have yet to overcome.

Without state power, all is illusion. Without a people's army, the people have nothing.