new bilingual oaxaca zine - 900K

This past Saturday at 3pm, over fifty people gathered on Franklin St. in downtown Chapel Hill, NC to march in solidarity with the struggle in Oaxaca. Primarily the purpose of this march was to spread awareness among folks about the violent repression which this movement has faced, as well as the increasinly revolutionary social context in Mexico at this moment.

People immediately took over the right two lanes of traffic on franklin st, marching with banners, black flags, signs, a megaphone, and drums, all the while handing out hundreds of bilingual zines and posters about oaxaca. ZAfter one police officer grabbed and broke one participant's bamboo-reinforced banner, cop cars managed to finally coral the crowd onto the sidewalk.

There folks met up with the COMIDA NO MIGRA!* table, where others were handing out free tamales and literature to passersby. After quickly regrouping, the crowd decided to march inside two nearby grocery stores and a retail mall. People marched through aisles and stores with drums, flags, and banners, chanting "la luuuucha sigue, oaxaca vive vive!" at the top of their lungs.

After ignoring a police request to disperse and handing out the last of the oaxaca zines, people regrouped again and shared contact information for further actions.

Things are just beginning to heat up in Mexico, especially southern Mexico. The Zapatista's other campaign seems to have been a success, the Oaxcan social movement remains strong despite the repression directed at leaders of APPO, and the general legitimacy of the Mexican State is little more than a house of cards waiting to fall. It is therefore extremely important that we anarchists farther north continue to organize events such as this one, whether they be directly targeting the productivity of mexican consulates and embassies or are focused on spreading public awareness and extending our own networks of solidarity and support.

Pictures of the march will be added later today below. Also, please feel free to download and print off the small bilingual zine we created for this march, which will also be attached below. One can add their own local contact information on the back.

*Comida no Migra! is carrboro's local collective that serves free breakfast to day laborers while the wait for work, and also runs a free grocery program for neighbors in nearby apartment complexes. It is an excellent way to apply the food not bombs model to support for immigrants, as well as a way to keep a check on the bosses which often fuck over day laborers...