it's almost 11pm eastern time on 12/11/06. why the fuck is my air conditioner on? because we don't update our statutes to align with the realities of a rapidly deteriorating world. here in NYC there is a law that landlords have to turn the heat at the end of october. there's no codicil about outside temperatures, climate change, nothing like that. presto-chango, on goes the heat. and in buldings like mine, those that are a couple hundred years old, there's not much in the way of ventilation or crossbreeze. and even if there were, doesn't it seem that if it's still running around 50 degrees outside, we should shut down the damn boilers? thousands and thousands and thousands of people have died in the iraqi holocaust, and if somebody tells me that war is not about oil i think my head will explode. yet we burn energy to create heat simply in order to burn more energy to dissipate the unnecessary heat we are creating, and paying for with our lives, eventually, or at least the lives of the next generation. in brooklyn we used to say "lights on, doors open, nobody's home". these days, that level of drooling vacuousity describes the entire american government, from the pathetic, borderline-retarded heap of crap at the top, to local governments such as that in NYC, without the foresight to change laws that were created at the turn of the last century to protect immigrants who had to burn street trash in spaghetti pots to keep their families warm. i'm no primadonna. for years i never owned an air conditioner (and still don't own a television). but i'm getting older, and it's to the point that on days i have to spend 12 hours at my company computer "keeping up", i just can't concentrate if my apartment air reeks of stale, processed heat and the temperature is nearing 80 degrees (yes, i checked, that's the temperature of the tiny bit of air that makes it in through my front window, exhaust fan or no exhaust fan). not that things are any better in the office: there, i've got a heater used only in summer to combat the arctic levels programmed into our a/c; and a fan used only in winter, to combat the artificial inferno. is it me? am i picky, arrogant, overcritical? or is this like the taking of the pelham 1-2-3, a runaway train with a maniac at the switch, pressing and pressing the unfamiliar pedals....this blog was committed by jackie sheeler