Let the Election Begin!

Vote now in the sixth annual online Grinch of the Year election to determine the national figure who does the most harm to working families. The candidates are:
SMITHFIELD Tar Heel Division CEO Joseph Luter III
GOODYEAR Tire & Rubber Company
OR Write in your own candidate

VOTE NOW!  http://www.jwj.org/grinch.html

Why Vote for Goodyear?
Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company forced 15,000 USW members out on strike at 16 plants across North America on October 5, 2006. Despite concessions given by United Steelworkers (USW) members and retirees in 2003 to insure that Goodyear remained in business, Goodyear is now insisting on additional plant closings and even deeper concession in this round of bargaining.


USW concessions in 2003 contributed to a billion dollar turnaround at Goodyear;
Goodyear wants to turn their backs on the USW retirees who built their company;
Goodyear is now recruiting and using scabs to staff their plants even though experts say that tires built by scabs contributed to the 271 deaths associated with rollovers of Ford Explorers;
Goodyear wants to outsource more American jobs to China where Goodyear workers earn only 42 cents an hour;
Goodyear is abandoning America’s workers, retirees and communities;

Goodyear deserves to be awarded the “Grinch of the Year” award, reserved for the most despicable company in North America.