Direct solidarity with the oppressed and exploited in Oaxaca and the rest of the world, not with APPO and its corrupt leaders

When we read the communiqués sent out by APPO [Asamblea Popular de los Pueblos de Oaxaca / Popular Assembly of the Peoples of Oaxaca] and by all the organizations, collectives and individuals that are today a part of it, including some anarchist comrades that innocently follow these shitpile bourgeoisie and authoritarians, we honestly ask ourselves if we are talking about the same thing, or worse yet, if we even co-exist in the same country or if they are narrating to us what occurs in a distant galaxy.

There is no doubt that the petty bourgeoisie is excited about the conflict and is trying, as always, to direct all the water to their mill; using the oppressed and exploited like cannon fodder in the intestinal wars that are now freeing, by political and economical means, factions of the Criolla [Spanish-ancestry] bourgeoisie for their ascent to power.

It is certain that everything began in the first days of May, with the combative mobilization of the educational workers due to wage demands. It then grew considerably, with the solidarity of ample sectors of the oppressed, before the brutal repression on the 14th of June by the State Police. It is also certain that the only thing that gave rise to the formation of APPO, was the opportunism of the corrupt leaders of a dozen clientele organizations due to their discontentment towards the cuts made in the discretionary game of governor Ulises Ruiz, the same game they have nursed for time immemorial.

Precisely the opportunism of these clientele organizations, the interests at stake, and union lackeys (much like the pro-government National Education Workers Union, SNTE, led by the gangster Elba Esther Gordillo Morales, as with the quality of the Coordinadora Democratica de Pueblos, CDP. and the Consejo Central de Lucha, CCL) that gave rise to the “sprouting” of APPO, acted as a catalyst for the incipient revolutionary movement of Oaxaca.

Far from what it attempts to make us believe, (in spite of the “radical” discourse intended to confuse us, about defending the “Commune of Oaxaca,”) APPO is nothing more than the official gravedigger of social contention; not only in the southern province of Oaxaca but all over Mexican geography. Behind these acronyms hide the economic and political interests of Capital’s Left, teeming with Leninists of all shades (Stalinists, Maoists, Trotskyists…), and of course, social democracy and all the rest of the “progressive” bourgeoisie that veil themselves behind the blanket of the Pejelagartista [1] project to put a “more human” face on capitalism. Its main objective is the improvement of the bourgeois democratic order by means of State reforms and the change of one governing rat with another, ascending specifically to distribute the breadcrumbs of the pie.

In this way, APPO and its corrupt leadership, hiding the true interests of the people in the fight to which they respond, are neutralizing the self-organization of the struggle, diverting and channeling the disobedience and social conflict towards democratic pleas and defense of the bourgeois order, utilizing, to make specific its political aims, every honest fighter who consciously acted in solidarity and confronted the uniformed hounds of State and Capital.

But this corrupt leadership that currently serves Capital’s Left, that is currently asphyxiating the revolt of the oppressed and exploited to channel water to their mill, have faces and full names. The antagonists of State and Capital enjoy good memory.

The entire bundle of corrupt leaders who make up APPO have a long history on the Left of Capital. They are people who share the same will as Flavio Sosa, who was the deputy of the PRD [Partido de la Revolución Democrática] and then was added to the campaign of Vincente Fox. He later formed the Unidad Popular Oaxaqueño, UP, next to other elements of the Frente Popular Revolucionario, and he is the same person who later favored the PRI [Partido Revolucionario Institucional] in the elections taken by the government of Ulises Ruiz. (Revista Proceso 1560, 24-09-06). Or Stalinists like Aldo Gonzáles and opportunists like Rogelio Pensamiento, leader of the Movimiento de Unificación de Lucha Triqui, MULT, (this being one of the groups with the most representation in APPO, next to the Frente Popular Revolicionario that won almost all the present leadership) an individual who, according to declarations of Ochoa Lara (lawyer of APPO), is known for “his arrangements with the PRI-governments.” Or compulsive liars and parasites of the stature of Raúl Gatica, leader of the clientele organization Consejo Indigena Popular de Oaxaca – Ricardo Flores Magon (CIPO-RFM), this last and cynical person who waves the autonomous and anarchist flag, while collecting funds for his rosy “exile” in Canada and Barcelona. Not to mention the incorporation to its leadership of Zenen Bravo Castellanos, Erangelio Mendoza, the octogenarian Stalinist Felipe Martinez Soriano, ex-director of the Universidad Autónoma de Oaxaca Benito Juárez, and militant of the guerrilla organization PROCUP-PDLP (Partido Obrero Clandestino Union del Pueblo y el Partido de los Pobres), today fused with the EPR (Ejército Popular Revolucionario). Nor the conspiracy (carried out behind our backs) with the Leftist parties and all the money they receive from senators and deputies of the PRD, as well as from the very coffers of their party; nor the announcement of the APPO leadership that its representatives will travel to Mexico City on the 20th of November to participate in the political campaign mobilization of Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO), but “only as an expression of the fight for democracy” and to impede Felipe Calderón from rendering protest if by the 1st of December Ulises Ruiz does not resign temporarily or permanently.

Comrades, if we put these points on the table and denounce all the putridity that tries to turn us aside and finish off the struggle that today gets its strength from different regions of the country and the world, and expose the true hidden interests of Capital’s Left with the manipulation of the mobilizations and revolts, it is not done in the spirit of reducing the importance of efficient revolutionary combat and anti-authoritarian manifestations during the confrontations with the hound-dog guardians of the State and Capital. It is even less so a call to abandon the insurrection, on the contrary, our only interest is the conscious reflection that allows us to escape the clutches of these clientele groups and this bundle of corrupt leaders, and to expand the social war by means of generalized insurrection.

As insurrectionary anarchists it is our responsibility to indicate (as we have done before the call of the leftist bourgeoisie to vote for AMLO) that this predatory war between factions of the bourgeoisie is not our war…

The Social War that we are freeing is not for a more human capitalism, nor is it to conceal the exploitation and oppression, nor is it for the improvement of the bourgeois order, nor for the alternatives of the party-plutocracy, nor for the replacement of one political functionary by another, nor is it for the clearing out of the FECAL [Felipe Calderón] and Yunke [3] mafia from the presidential chair and replacing it with AMLO, next to Bejarano [2] and his narco-retail gang and the speculators of the vivienda digna: “worthy house.” No, our war is for the total destruction of the State and Capital, for equality, for Anarchy. And this is only possible through the self-organization of the struggle, through the brilliance of the antagonistic fire, exceeding the discourse-container of unions, parties and the calls for “sanity” by these patriarchal parasites of clientele organizations, euphemistically called “social organizations.”

In the Social War there are many enemies of the exploited and oppressed, Capital’s Right as well as its Left (be they Social Democrats or Stalinists), and this the anti-authoritarian and libertarian protagonists in the struggles in Oaxaca know well.

Today, the insurrection returns to being the unequalled and flawless weapon of the oppressed and exploited, before the overwhelming surprise of the actors of the society of spectacle, of the specialists in hiding who camouflage reality, of the salesmen of illusions and hopes. Once again, the puppeteers were late in replacing the hidden strings that restrain the insurrectionary desires of the oppressed, for this the hysterical shouters point to “conspiracies of the ultra-Right” for the roaring cacophony of explosive vessels.

The expansion of the struggle and its power continues to depict how libertarian insurrection is not a thing of the past and that it is possible to abandon resignation, alienation and the passive hope for “the promised land”, and become the worst nightmare of power, the bliss that makes dynamite burst out, here and now, against the State and Capital.

For that reason, our call for solidarity with the people of Oaxaca is a call to expand the social war, it is a call to abandon the reformist pacifism, the marches of sheep and the sheets of petitionary pleas.

As insurrectionary anarchists, we know that our task is the total destruction of the State and Capital, for this we invite and urge the drowning out of reformist discourse, begging for the resignation of a functionary and the reclamation of “democracy”, and we exhort a full frontal attack against everything that oppresses us.

How alive the brilliance of antagonistic fire, how beautiful the flight of indomitable cocktail Molotov’s, the joy of the insurrectionary machetes in the wind, the festive detonating of the PVC bazookas, the delightful and joyful humming of rocks reverberating against the shields and helmets of the lowly guardians of the State and Capital!

Coordinadora Insurreccional Anarquista (Insurrectionary Anarchist Coordination)
Mexico, Planet Earth, November 16th, 2006

insurreccion_acrata [at]

For the prisoners of Oaxaca and all “political” and “social” prisoners of the world.
For the extension of the Social War.
For generalized insurrection.
For the total destruction of the State and Capital!!

Translators’ notes:

[1] Referring to a prehistoric fish-like-crocodile creature named Pezlagarto found in the region of Tabasco (Pezlagarto is pronounced Pejelagarto with a Tabasco accent), coincidently the same place Andrés Manuel López Obrador is from; a clear reference to his party, the PRD’s, Pejelagarto-style-politics. Obrador’s nickname is El Peje. Mind you, this fish, when fried, is a typical meal in Tabasco, even though the fish is terribly endangered, much like Mr. Obrador and other presidential candidates...

[2] René Bejarano, previously Obrador's personal secretary, later elected to the Mexico City legislature, was videotaped accepting USD $45,000 in cash as part of a series of corrupt business deals that became known as the “video scandals” in Mexico.

[3] A secret Mexican organization that, according to its critics, promotes an ultra right-wing Roman Catholic ideology and includes top members of the National Action Party (PAN) and former President Fox's cabinet.

Solidaridad directa con l@s oprimid@s y explotad@s de Oaxaca y el mundo, no con la APPO y sus líderes corruptos: