It seems like Sergey Kadinsky is conducting a witchhunt against the Community Center at City College.
He is one of the most racist students in our midst. For instance, he verbally attacks Arab and non-Arab students who speak out against islamophobia and the Israeli occupation of Palestine.
He has also written inflamatory pieces attacking affirmative action; Black culture; undocumented immigrants and every issue that the Left and the mayority of people in this country care about.
He's a right wing activist of the worst sort: even Hiller, the pro-zionist group, disassociates itself from his tactics. Kadinsky is not afraid to voice support for one of the most repressive elements in our city such as the NYPD which is he's attacking the Center: to distract attention from the murder of Sean Bell by the police.
Kadinsky is afraid of the unknown. He's like one of those square kids from the 60s who didnt break away from conservatism as the country radicalized. Although, he is an immigrant himself, he hates immigrants. Being gay himself doesnt stop him from making homophobic remarks. He calls himself a neocon but sometimes he sounds like he could be a fan of Buchanan. Wait, Pat Buchanan and Sergey Kadinsky are on the same plane on many social issues: both of them hate people of color; both of them are homophobic and patriotic wackos who support the minutemen; both of them scapegoat immigrants,Muslims and poor people.
The similarities between Kadinsky and Buchanan are so great that it doesnt matter if the former is Jewish, and the latter a well- known antisemite.