On the eve of his wedding, November 25th, Sean Bell was shot and killed in a hail of 50 gunshots by NYC Police officers. He and his friends were not armed and not charged with any crime. This injustice must end!

The Sean Bell shooting shares troubling similarities to the death of unarmed African immigrant Amadou Diallo, who died on his doorstep in the Bronx after being fired at 41 times by undercover NYC Police officers in 1999.
Despite a number of wrongful deaths and increased complaints to the Civilian Complaint Review Board, there has been no substantive reform in the practices of the NYPD.
In light of these horrific and unresolved shootings, the Coalition for Police Reform is demanding an immediate review of the practices of the NYC Police Department by the NY City Council and the NY State Legislature.

On Saturday, December 16th, United for Peace and Justice will march in this demonstration being organized bythe Coalition for Police Reform. We encourage you to help get the word out and join us at this important march.